NVIDIA Introduces NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

NVIDIA has introduced the NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), the building blocks for the next-generation of NVIDIA Optimus and NVIDIA 3D Vision notebooks that are coming onto the market from leading vendors, including Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, with others set to announce soon.


The series of NVIDIA GeForce 400M Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) includes GeForce GTX 470M and GTX 460M for enthusiast users and GeForce GT 445M, GT 435M, GT 425M, GT 420M and GT 415M for performance users.

NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units provide visual solutions for every notebook – from thin and light notebooks to powerhouse gaming rigs, businesses notebooks, and mobile workstations and with NVIDIA Quadro notebook GPUs, NVIDIA delivers the performance and quality that design professionals on the go demand.

A critical component of the NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) is its support for NVIDIA Optimus technology, which enables extra-long battery life by automatically switching on and off the GPU so that it runs only when needed.

The NVIDIA Optimus technology has been described by reviewers as among the most important notebook technologies to come to market in recent years.

Key Benefits of NVIDIA Optimus:

  • Optimus technology is completely automatic allowing you to experience longer battery life and amazing visuals without having to manually change settings.
  • Behind the scenes and with no interference to what you’re doing, Optimus seamlessly figures out how to best optimize your notebook computing experience.
  • NVIDIA graphics you’ve come to expect, with more than 10x better performance with NVIDIA CUDA technology, allowing you to enjoy your applications and games without interruption or worry.

The NVIDIA GeForce 400M series GPUs are the first notebook processors designed with NVIDIA’s Fermi architecture and built from the ground-up for Microsoft DirectX 11.

These NVIDIA graphics processor units power notebooks with great battery life, and deliver the best high-definition (HD) experience, extensive Web browsing, immersive 3D and awesome gaming.

With up to 5X faster HD video uploads to Facebook and up to 10X the game performance on the year’s top title StarCraft II, the NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are the ultimate notebook upgrade.

The NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) is also able to deliver breathtaking stereoscopic 3D images for gamers, movie-lovers and photo enthusiasts when configured with NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses and a 3D display.

The NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses supports the richest array of 3D content available today that includes over 425 games, Blu-ray 3D movies, photos and streaming Web video.

Popular notebook models from leading brands that are now featuring the NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses includes the Acer Aspire 5745DG with GeForce GT 425M and the Asus G53Jw notebook with GeForce GTX 460M graphics chipset.

In addition, by including support for NVIDIA 3DTV Play, users can attach their notebook to a brand new 3D TV and enjoy all the latest 3D content including the hottest games in the comfort of their living room.

NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) Features

  • NVIDIA 3D Vision support, for eye-popping immersive 3D environments
  • PhysX support, for experiencing games with realistic physics effects
  • CUDA support, for GPU computing applications
  • NVIDIA Verde notebook drivers, for system stability and optimal performance
  • Support for NVIDIA 3DTV Play software, for connecting 3D Vision-based notebooks and desktops to a 3D TV

Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba all have already announced their support for NVIDIA GeForce 400M Series Graphics Processing Units with more OEMs announcing soon. Please visit www.nvidia.com for more details.

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