Apple Introduces iTune 10 With Ping Social Network; Also Offers HD TV Show

Apple today introduced Apple iTunes 10 with Ping, a new music-oriented social network for following your favorite artists and friends to discover what music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading.


Apple iTunes 10: Ping lets users post their thoughts and opinions, favorite albums and songs, the music they might have downloaded from iTunes, plus view concert listings and tell their friends which concerts they plan to attend.

Apple iTunes 10: Ping also features HD TV show rentals for just 99 cents an episode and AirPlay wireless music playback.

According to Apple, Apple iTunes 10: Ping lets users follow their favorite artists to see what they’re up to, check out photos and videos they’ve posted, see their tour dates and read comments about other artists and albums they’re listening to.

Users can also create their profile on Apple iTunes 10: Ping to let their friends know who they are currently following, what they are listening to and which concerts you’re going to.

It seems, there’s no better way to discover new music than to find out what their friends are listening to, and Ping’s Recent Activity feed throws up their posts about artists, albums, songs and concerts, plus a consolidated Top 10 list of the songs and albums friends and the artists you follow are downloading from iTunes.

In addition to using Ping on a desktop computer, users can freely take the Apple iTunes 10: Ping application with their iPhone or iPod touch, allowing them to always plugged into personal music scene.

Moreover, with Apple iTunes 10: Ping, users can rent their favorite HD TV shows commercial free from ABC, ABC Family, Fox, Disney Channel and BBC America and watch them at home or on the go for just 99 cents an episode.

Several thousands of episodes are available, many the day after broadcast, to watch on Mac or PC, iPhone, iPod touch and the all-new Apple TV, and users have 30 days from the moment you rent an episode to start watching it, and 48 hours after that to finish it.

Apple iTunes 10: Ping also features AirPlay wireless music playback allowing users to listen to their music on remote speakers using Apple’s AirPort Express base station.

In addition, AirPlay now also works without AirPort Express, using speakers, receivers and stereo systems from companies including Bowers & Wilkins, JBL, Denon and iHome, so one can enjoy his entire iTunes music library wirelessly from any room in the house with no extra gear required.

“iTunes is the number one music community in the world, with over 160 million iTunes users in 23 countries, and now we’re adding social networking with Ping,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With Ping you can follow your favorite artists and friends and join a worldwide conversation with music’s most passionate fans.”

iTunes 10 is available immediately as a free download at

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