Canon Launches LV-7590 7000-Lumen XGA Resolution Multimedia Projector

Canon has today announced the launch of its new high-performance XGA-resolution Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Installation Projector, that is capable of delivering 7000 lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 1800:1 and this new projector offers five optional lenses that enable it to be customized to a variety of front or rear projection applications.


The Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector is designed for installation in large venues such as houses of worship, school auditoriums, showrooms, large conference rooms, art galleries, museums and small theaters.

The Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector also employs a Color Control Device, an advanced technology that helps to deliver exceptional image clarity and precise color.

The Canon LV-7590 provides the most powerful, bright and feature-rich projector for situations that call for permanent installation.

Featuring a new Color Control device and a brilliant 7000 lumens- the Canon LV-7590 multimedia projector is ideal for the most demanding boardrooms, houses of worship and theater installations.

The new Canon LV-7590 projector is HDTV and HD compatible, and has been designed and built to provide the range of image controls and versatility you need for the most demanding circumstances.

Canon is providing five optional lenses that enable consumers to customize Canon’s LV-7590 Multimedia Projector for a variety of applications. The five optional lenses include an Ultra Wide-Angle Lens (LV-IL01); Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (LV-IL02); Long-Focus Zoom Lens (LV-IL03); Ultra Long-Focus Zoom Lens (LV-IL04); and a 1.3x Zoom Lens (LV-IL05).

In addition, Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector’s powered lens-shift function, which can be operated in both the vertical and horizontal directions by up to 40 percent and 20 percent, respectively (lens zoom and focus are also motorized).

The precise color reproduction of Canon’s new Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector is driven by its Color Control Device which adds yellow to the traditional red, green and blue color panels of LCD projectors.

The LV-7590 offers native XGA resolution (1024 x 768) for your images, making it a perfect match for your laptop computer. In addition, the LV-7590 supports WXGA resolution through high-quality compression, to match the resolution of your wide screen laptop or pc.

Users can select from two levels of adjustment as well. Images projected are further enhanced by the unit’s 10-bit digital video processing, 3-D Digital Noise Reduction, and Intelligent Sharpness Control for smoother gradations and faithful color renditions.

Four separate user-selectable Image Modes also optimize display, depending on the content being projected: standard, presentation, cinema (video), and custom (computer/video). Users can also display content in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

The Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector features multiple design innovations that greatly enhance convenience for the installation and maintenance of the projector. These innovations include: the center lens body design which simplifies projector placement; an easy-access maintenance cover, a side-loading easy-access replacement lamp; and an Auto-Winding Filtering System with a cartridge-type air filter.

The Auto-Winding Filtering System automatically advances the filter when needed and can be used for up to 10,000 hours (ten automatic filter changes) before a new filter cartridge is needed.

The Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector also features an ample array of the latest industry-standard connections including a 5BNC terminal and a high-speed DVI-D interface which provides an all-digital connection between the projector and input source.

Video signals include 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i, and more; digital computer signals include (but are not limited to) SXGA, WXGA and XGA; analog computer signals include WUXGA, UXGA and more.

The Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector is HDCP compliant and external speakers can be connected through the audio output, which is useful when a DVD or PC-input source is also linked to the projector.

The Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector can be easily integrated into a local control system (touch panel) via the RS-232 port, and into an existing network via the optional LV-NI03 Network Imager (which is PJLink compatible).

This is essential for installed applications and those managing larger AV systems as it allows users to conveniently manage projectors from a remote location.

“The installation market is a large and growing segment for multimedia projectors,” noted Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. “Canon’s new LV-7590 Multimedia Projector provides this market with the performance and features that are most in demand such as high brightness for clear, high-quality image display even in well-lit environments.”

Key Features

  • Native XGA Resolution (1024 x 768)
  • 7000 Lumens; Excellent Brightness and Clarity
  • Interchangeable Lens System
  • Color Control Device
  • Precise Color Management
  • Image Controls
  • Multiple Image Mode Settings
  • Connectivity
  • Optional Network Imager
  • Projector Placement Versatility
  • Security Features
  • Automatic Filter Replacement
  • Quiet Operation
  • Remote Control
  • Custom Startup Display
  • Transmissive LCD Panels x 3
  • 4: 3 Aspect Ratio
  • XGA 1024 x 768 pixel native resolution
  • Brightness – 7000 Lumens
  • Uniformity – 90%
  • Contrast Ratio  –  1600:1
  • Lamp Type – 330W – NSHA
  • Lamp Life – 2000/3000 Hrs
  • Power Consumption – 499W (Normal) / 24.5W (Stand-by)
  • Dimension – 14.6″ x 7.4″ x 17.3″ (370 x 187 x 440 mm) without lens
  • Weight – 11.4 Kgs
Pricing and Availability

The Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector is available for a suggested list price of $8,999  (Rs. 4,22,955 approx.) with three-year limited warranty, and is scheduled to be available at the end of August, 2010. Canon has not revealed its price and availability in any other market as yet.

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