KODAK Unveils PULSE Digital Frame With 10-inch Screen & WiFi Connectivity

Kodak has announced its new KODAK PULSE Digital Frame, a brand new touchscreen-enabled frame that includes Wi-Fi connectivity and a customizable email address, allowing consumers to keep their frames fresh with new pictures and share with family and friends.


With all the features of Kodak’s existing 7-inch PULSE Digital Frame, including Wi-Fi connectivity and a customizable email address, the 10-inch PULSE Frame is the perfect gift for the holiday season.

The new KODAK PULSE Digital Frame is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and a personal e-mail address allowing consumers to easily send pictures wirelessly to the frame from a computer, from Facebook and KODAK Gallery sites, or from any device that has email capability.

Touchscreen enabled KODAK PULSE Digital Frame redefines the element of surprise, giving consumers a constant stream of new pictures to enjoy, celebrate and relive and Kodak has also included in the device connections to Facebook and Kodak Gallery, allowing users to keep in touch with all their friends and family members.

Featuring 10-inch display which is capable of displaying almost twice the viewing area than its predecessor Pulse digital frame, the new KODAK PULSE Digital Frame is an e-mail-enabled device hence it allows users to send their newest pictures directly to the PULSE Frame, including from home computers, laptops and even a mobile phones.

In addition, Kodak has further enhanced the Photo sharing experience by connecting the frame to photo albums on Facebook and KODAK Gallery sites allowing the frame to automatically refreshes when consumers, or their family and friends, add new pictures to their albums.

“Kodak believes sharing pictures should be simple, not a chore,” said John Blake, General Manager, Digital Capture and Devices and Vice President, Kodak. “Picture this: you live on the east coast. Your parents live on the west coast. You just had a baby, so you give your parents a PULSE Frame to ensure that they can share in every moment of your child’s life. You can send pictures by email from your smartphone or even through Facebook or KODAK Gallery. With the PULSE Frame, you always have something to look forward to as the frame refreshes with new pictures.”

“Now, picture this: Remember your high school prom picture? The one with the big hair? Well, your best friend just uploaded it to her Facebook photo album and now it’s on your own PULSE Frame!,” added Blake.

KODAK PULSE Digital Frame Key Features:

  • 10-inch viewing area
  • Receive pictures via e-mail from computers and mobile phones
  • Add pictures from your home computer, Facebook, and KODAK Gallery sites with built-in Wi-Fi capability
  • Easy set-up with no software to install
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface for easy interaction with photos
  • Store up to 4,000 pictures with 512 MB of internal memory
  • Display pictures in brilliant color and crisp detail on the 7-inch high-quality display (800 x 600 pixels) featuring KODAK Color Science and LED backlighting
  • ENERGY STAR qualified power adapter, mercury-free panel and programmable on-off settings to control power consumption

Price and Availability

The KODAK PULSE Digital Frame is available in India for Rs. 8,250/- with one year warranty, and in US market for $129.99 at major retailers and Kodak.com.

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