Free Download of ViewNX 2 – Nikon’s Image Browsing and Editing Software, Now Available

Nikon has today announced that Nikon’s image browsing and editing software, ViewNX 2 is now available for free download from the Nikon website beginning today. The Nikon’s ViewNX 2 software is the comprehensive new version of Nikon’s image browsing and editing software, ViewNX, offering improved functions and greater collaboration with Nikon’s image storage and sharing service, my Picturetown.


ViewNX 2 is an easy-to-use, free to download, all-in-one image browsing and editing package that let’s users get the most out of their photographs and movies.

The ViewNX 2 software offers ease of use and high performance in one complete package and in addition to importing and viewing images, users can resize, crop, and straighten pictures, adjust white balance and exposure for RAW images, and access other frequently-used retouch options such as brightness adjustment.

The Nikon ViewNX2 software also includes options for editing movies, including removing unwanted footage, and is integrated seamlessly with myPicturetown, Nikon’s photo storage and sharing service.

ViewNX 2 will also be bundled will all new Nikon COOLPIX-series compact digital cameras and D-series digital-SLR cameras.

ViewNX 2 Primary New Functions

Revamped user interface

Three workspaces
It is easy to switch between the three workspaces—Browser, GeoTag, Edit—with the simple click of a button on the Toolbar.


Four background colors
The color of the workspace background can be selected from white, grey, dark grey and black, depending upon the brightness of images.

Changing palette display, thumbnail list display
As the Browser palette at the left of the ViewNX 2 window and the Edit palette at the right of the window can be displayed separately, working with ViewNX 2 is more efficient. What’s more, as unnecessary palettes can be hidden, the workspace can be maximized. In the Browser and Edit workspaces, the Thumbnail List option can also be selected to display image details with thumbnails.

New image editing functions

  • Crop – Save only the desired portion of a photo.
  • Auto Red-Eye – Correct the “red-eye” effect that often occurs in photos of people taken with a flash.
  • Straighten – Straighten photos taken at an angle.
  • Auto Lateral Color Aberration – Correct color shift caused by chromatic aberration and reduce lateral chromatic aberration.

Save movie frame as still image

Saves a specified movie frame as a JPEG image with the same pixel count as the original movie frame.

Improved print functions

  • Printing date/time shot – Print the date images were captured over or below the images.
  • Background color – Select one of four background color options for printing.
  • Metadata – Select the shooting information to be printed with images from a detailed set of options.
  • Header/Footer – Text can be input for use as headers and/or footers with printing.

Greater collaboration with my Picturetown

(a) Simple viewing
Images uploaded to my Picturetown can be viewed in the ViewNX 2 Browser window. This allows users to check the images uploaded to my Picturetown without opening a Web browser and entering their login e-mail address and password every time.

(b) Simple upload to my Picturetown from ViewNX 2
Images can be uploaded from ViewNX 2 to my Picturetown using simple drag and drop operations from the folder displayed in the ViewNX 2 Browser window.

Other ViewNX 2 Functions

  • Files can be converted to a different format and image size can be adjusted
  • Aspects such as brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows can be adjusted for both JPEG and RAW images
  • Equipped with a variety of display modes including Thumbnail Grid, Thumbnail List, Image Viewer and Full Screen
  • Comprehensive RAW image processing with Exposure Comp., White Balance and Picture Control adjustments
  • Custom Picture Controls can be created and saved. Custom Picture Controls created with a Nikon camera can be imported into ViewNX 2 and exported to compatible cameras. (RAW images only)
  • Nine color labels and ratings (up to five stars can be specified) enable detailed organization and classification of images

The Nikon’s ViewNX 2 Image Browsing and Editing Software can be downloaded free at: Nikon Download website (

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