Xigmatek Aegir Releases SD128264 CPU Cooler; Featuring Unique Dual-fan Cooling Design

Xigmatek Aegir, has launched Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler System that is based on the newly developed D.L.H.D.T. (Double Layer with Heat-pipe Direct Touch) structure and comes with the new mounting kit  for LGA775 /1156/1366/AM2/AM3 sockets.


With its 2*8mm and 2*6mm Heat-pipes on the H.D.T. Base and the 2*6mm Heat-pipes on the 2nd layer, Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler is launched as a “World Exclusive Technology Cooler” delivering outstanding and great performance.

The SD128264 CPU Cooler two 8mm heat-pipes and two 6mm heat-pipes on the H.D.T. Base making direct contact with the processor body and two additional 6mm heat-pipes on the second layer which forms direct contact with four heat-pipes on H.D.T. base the processor ensuring more efficient heat dissipation for smoother processor operation.

This arrangement of double layer H.D.T. technology involving two 8mm and four 6mm heat-pipe achieves the most strength and efficiency of today’s demand of coolers for enthusiasts.

The Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler is compatibility with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 on LGA 1156, Core i7 on LGA 1366, LGA 775 & AMD AM2/AM3 motherboard providing a higher intake volume, and delivering best CPU cooling with optimum airflow, featuring unique dual fan cooling design.

Supported Processors

The Xigmatek Aegir Releases SD128264 CPU Cooler supports all
Intel Socket  LGA 775 /1156 /1366 CPU and all AMD Socket  AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 CPU.

Intel LGA775 CPU Model supported Intel LGA775
• Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor (Up to 95 watts)
• Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor (Up to 130 watts)
• Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor (Up to 65 watts)
• Intel® Celeron® D Processor (Up to 86 watts)
• Intel® Celeron® Processor (Up to 65 watts)
Intel LGA1156
• Intel® Core™ i5 Processor (Up to 95 watts)
• Intel® Core™ i3 Processor (Up to 73 watts)
• Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (Up to 95 watts)
Intel LGA1366

• Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (Up to 130 watts)
• Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Extreme Edition (Up to 130 watts)

AMD CPU Models supported AMD
• Athlon II X3 (Up to 2.9 GHz/95W/AM3)
• Athlon™ II X4 (Up to 2.8 GHz/95W/AM3)
• Phenom™ II X4 (Up to 3.4 GHz/140W/AM3, AM2+)
• Phenom™ II X3 (Up to 2.8 GHz/95W/AM3)
• Phenom™ II X2 (Up to 3.1 GHz/80W/AM3)
• Phenom™ X4 (Up to 2.6 GHz/140W/ AM2+)
• Phenom™ X3 (Up to 2.5 GHz/95W/ AM2+, 940)
• Athlon™ II X2 (Up to 3 GHz/65W/ AM3)
• Athlon™ X2 (Up to 3.2 GHz/125W/ AM2, AM2+, 939)
• Athlon™ (Up to 2.8 GHz/89W/ AM2, 939, 754)
• Sempron™ (Up to 2.7 GHz/62W/ AM2, AM3, 754)

Highlighted Features

  • H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology
  • Support for LGA775/1156/1366; AM2/AM2+/AM3
  • Dual fan installed option and Anti-vibration rubbers attached
  • Double layer HDT & Double performance
  • Two 8mm & Four 6mm high performance heat-pipes in double-layer configuration
  • PWM fan to adjust the power of the fan efficiently
  • Anti-vibration rubbers prevent vibration and absorb noise
  • Mounting system, Spring-Screw and consolidate back plate
  • Combined with pull / trigger option with Anti-Vibration Rubbers and the new mounting kit  for LGA775 /1156/1366/AM2/AM3 Sockets
  • Dual fan installed option and Double layer HDT
  • Noise Level – 20dBA (Max.)
  • Voltage – 12V (Starting Voltage 7V)
  • Material – Aluminum Alloy
  • Fan Dimension – 120(W) x 120(H) x 25(D) mm
  • Fan Voltage Rating – 12V (Starting Voltage 7V)
  • Fan Speed – 1000 – 2200 rpm
  • Fan Noise – 20dBA (Max.)
  • Base Material – H.D.T. (Heat-pipes Direct Touch)
  • Speed PWM – 700 (±300) ~1600 (±250) rpm
  • Dimension – 130(W) x 66.4(D) x 159(H) mm
  • Weight – 630 gms

The Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 CPU Cooler also features anti-vibration rubbers that prevents vibration and absorb noise and includes mounting system, spring-screw and consolidate back plate.

Please visit www.xigmatek.com/product.php?productid=99 for more details, pictures and applications of this product.

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