ASUS EAH5550 Limited Edition Graphics Card Launched With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Game

ASUS has introduced its new uniquely-designed ASUS EAH5550 graphics cards with 10% off on one of the year’s biggest and best-selling PC action hits, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, offering this instant classic at a discount to buyers of EAH5550 special editions.


The ASUS EAH5550 Limited Edition graphics card boasts exclusive features like a dust-proof fan, GPU Guard and Fuse Protection for superb computing.

The ASUS EAH5550 graphics card is delivered in a low profile form factor that is ideal for home theater PCs and multimedia centers. For users demanding noise-free operation, the EAH5550 SILENT offers a great solution with its passive cooling design.

Besides providing hardware acceleration of DVD and Blu-ray playback with true HD and minimal stress on the CPU, the ASUS EAH5550 graphics cards are also capable game performers, able to run exciting PC game titles in excellent detail.

The ASUS EAH5550 graphics cards also comes equipped with an array of exclusive features like GPU Guard and Fuse Protection. GPU Guard is a printed circuit board reinforcement technique. It protects the board against cracking and fracturing, whether as a result of shock damage or heat. Fuse Protection doubles card safety with multiple sets of input fuses to eliminate excessive temperature rises.

IN addition, the ASUS EAH5550 graphics card is equipped with a high efficiency dust-proof fan with a 25 percent longer lifespan than standard fans and ASUS also offers the EAH5550 SILENT with 0dB passive cooling, ensuring temperatures are kept low while promoting a quiet computing environment.

The ASUS ASUS EAH5550 Limited Edition offers a plethora of attractive and exclusive features in addition to DirectCompute as part of DirectX11 compliance, making it an excellent component for powerful CAD and other intensive graphics work, pairing resources with those of the CPU for better performance.

ASUS EAH5550 Specifications

  • Graphics Engine:    ATI Radeon HD 5550
  • Bus Standard:    PCI Express 2.1
  • Video Memory:   1GB DDR3
  • Engine Clock:   550 MHz
  • Memory Clock :   1600 MHz ( 800 MHz DDR3 )
  • Memory Interface:    128-bit
  • D-Sub ax Resolution:    2048 x 1536
  • DVI Max Resolution:    2560 x 1600
  • D-Sub Output
  • DVI-I Output
  • HDMI Output with HDCP Support
  • Software Bundled:    ASUS Utilities & Driver
  • Dimension:   6.6 x5.42 inches

The ASUS ASUS EAH5550 Limited Edition is available with 10% fiscount coupon of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which ASUS claims is an unique opportunity for PC users to bring their graphics up to speed while keeping both heat and spending under tight control.

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