DXG Launches DXG-5D7V 3G Pocket Size Camcorder & 3D Media Player

DXG has introduced the DXG-5D7V 3D pocket camcorder and 3D 7-inch media player bundle together in sleek and compact pocket size design, allowing users easy filming and playback of 3D video and pictures with no glasses required.


The DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and media player, for the first time ever, allows to create home movies in 3D and relive each moment in lifelike detail.

With the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder’s compact pistol-grip design and flexible playback options, you can instantly view, record and playback 3D video or photos directly on the 3.2-inch LCD camcorder display, on the included 3D 7-inch media player, or directly on your 3DTV.

With the support of up to 16GB high-capacity storage via SD memory cards, users can record hours of summertime fun in 3D and take 3D 5-megapixel still images, as well as capture 2D video and pictures.

In addition, the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and media player also features built-in media player allowing users enjoy their newly created 3D memories is a cinch with the included DXG 3D media player.

The DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and media player features a vivid 7-inch LCD display, and unlike conventional 3D systems, glasses are not required to view video and photos pop out and come to life in full 3D on the player.

Convenient touch screen keys and remote control of the media player not only allow users to view your 3D and 2D video and photo masterpieces with ease, it also let users control the built-in MP3 music player, alarm clock and calendar.

“DXG is excited to be at the forefront of the 3D digital content revolution and release a product that allows people to easily create their own 3D masterpieces,” said Paul Goldberg, senior vice president of sales and marketing at DXG USA. “We specifically designed our 3D camcorder and media player bundle with the consumer in mind to create an all-in-one, fun and easy way to record and watch life’s adventures in 3D.”

DXG-5D7V 3D Pocket Camcorder Specifications

  • 3.2-inch 3D TFT Display
  • 128MB Built-in Memory; Supports High-Capacity SD Cards up to 16GB
  • Video Resolution & Format –  VGA Standard 3D Dual-Lens Technology; H.264 AVI File Format
  • 5-megapixel still picture resolution; JPEG format
  • NP-60 Li-ion Battery
  • 4X Digital Zoom (2D mode only)
  • HDMI interface and cable
  • USB/AV cable for connecting to the TV or to PC or Mac
  • Software Included: 3D Video Conversion Software
  • Dimensions: 1.63″ (W) x 4.88″ (H) x 2.93″ (D)

DXG 3D Media Player Specifications:

  • 7-inch Parallax-Barrier Auto-Stereoscopic (Glasses-Free) TFT Display
  • 800×480 pixel screen resolution
  • Display Effects – Normal, black and white, Sepia, Lens Distortion
  • Video Format & Resolution – MPEG4, AVI, 720×480p at 30fps
  • Supported formats  – MP3; JPEG
  • Remote Control
  • AVOUT, Earphone Stereoscopic Output
  • Supports SD/MMC memory cards
  • Power Supply – 5V DC, 2A
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Dimensions – 8.39″ (W) x 5.41″ (H) x 0.94″ (D)

The DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder with built-in media player would be available starting 6 August 2010 at the price of $599.99 or Rs. 28,550 with 2 year warranty.

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