Genius SW-M2.1 350 Speaker System Launched in India

Inspan Infotech has today announced the launch of Genius SW-M2.1 350 Speaker System, in India that is latest and feature rich product from the stables of Genius, the leader in PC components and accessories.


Genius SW-M2.1 350 speaker system consists of 3 pieces and it has a wooden subwoofer that gives amazing listening experience in a low bass effect thanks to its 3.5-inch unit driver.

The Genius SW-M2.1 350 speaker system has a gray frame and polished plate on the satellites giving it the current trend of ‘elegance through simplicity’.

The Genius SW-M2.1 350 speaker system’s tiny satellite speakers not only provide a crystal clear sound but also provide more working space be it notebook or PC kept yon your table.

Bass control and volume controls are placed on the subwoofer for easy control while convenient high quality headphone jack is placed in the front to give privacy.

The subwoofer of Genius SW-M2.1 350 speaker system is housed in an ultra rigid high quality wooden cabinet to give protection and elegance which outputs a good 11 watt (RMS) power.

Launched for the first time by Inspan infotech, one of the largest IT distribution companies for motherboards and hardware components, these speakers are expected to provide the choice for the customers in this segment.

“Variety is the key in breaking monotony. This simple yet elegant speaker system from Genius provides that break away in search of new. This is the time for those to who were thinking for some time to change the look of their workspace” said Sudhir S, Managing Director of Inspan Infotech “Partners would benefit by creating more choices to customers. After all change is the only constant” adds Sudhir.

Price and Availability

The Genius SW-M2.1 350 speaker system is available for Rs. 1,699 with one year warranty.

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