Sony Walkman A840 Video MP3 Player Launched

The Sony WALKMAN family grows this summer with addition of latest generation Sony Walkman A840 Video MP3 Player, that features a super-slim design and now offers biggest-ever capacity (up to 64GB) plus a fresh new white colour option.


The new ultra-thin Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player boasts a superb 7.1cm/2.8″ OLED screen, S-Master Digital Amplifier technology and features built-in Digital Noise Cancelling.

The Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player is now more desirable than ever with a fresh new white colour option. Memory capacity options have also been widened, now ranging from 8GB up to 64GB , offering space to store up to 15,000 songs or 244 hours of video.

Sony claims that busy students will appreciate the brand-new Language Learning function in Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player that makes it easy to master a tricky phrase. The device can ‘loop’ a chosen passage for listening at reduced playback speed without changing pitch or losing clarity.

Once again, unique to Sony, a handy Bookmark function lets users create, add to or edit up to five of their own personal playlists. Just pick a playlist to suit one’s mood or whatever one is doing.

The Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player also features a new Virtual Phones Technology that adds an extra dimension to enjoying the favourite tracks on headphones. Authentic acoustic modelling by Sony places user inside a choice of five soundspaces, from an intimate club to the biggest arena.

The new Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player offers extra-long battery life that now lets users listen for even longer, offering up to 50 hours of music playback time (10 hours video playback) from a single charge.

The Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player comes with Content Transfer software that makes it easy to drag and drop music files and playlists directly to WALKMAN from connected PC or iTunes library (not including DRM files).

The Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player now works better than ever with a PC running Windows 7 OS. Connect the WALKMAN E450 to a PC’s USB port and a new ‘Device Stage’ window launches automatically.

The Sony WALKMAN A840 video MP3 player offers a range of co-ordinated accessories that includes portable docks and speaker systems, headphones and a choice of leather and silicon cases to protect WALKMAN from dust, splashes and scratches.

Key Features of Sony Walkman A840 MP3 Player

  • 64GB storage space
  • Supported formats – MP3, AAC, WMA(DRM), L-PCM, H264/AVC, MP4, WMV(DRM)
  • 7.1cm/2.8” WQVGA OLED
  • Language Learning Mode
  • Digital Noise Cancelling; Dynamic Normaliser; VPT; Equaliser; FM Radio; WM-Port
  • 80% recharge in 1.5 hrs, full recharge in 3 hours
  • Up to 29 hours music playback (MP3 at 128kbps with the equalizer set to “None”
  • Upto 10 hours of video playback with MPEG-4 files at 384kbps
  • Colors – Black, White
  • Dim – 104.9 x 46.8 x 7.2 mm
  • Weight – 62 gms

Price and Availability

The new Sony WALKMAN A840 series video and MP3 player would be available from August 2010 with starting price ranging between Rs. 8,550 (8GB) and Rs. 11,550 (16GB) with one year warranty.

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