Moser Baer Launches 4-GB Knight USB Flash Drive With Secure MyZone Option

Moser Baer has today announced the availability of its Knight USB Flash Drive in India that offers 4GB flash storage with a unique MyZone feature that allows users to customize their storage space as per their preference.


The Moser Baer ‘Knight’ Flash USB Drive is compatible with all major operating systems including Windows 7, Macintosh and Linux platforms and it features a LED light indicating reading and writing action.

The USB flash drive is true Plug-and-Play enabled requiring no separate device drives or external power supply.

The Moser Baer ‘Knight’ Flash USB Drive come with a MyZone feature that allows users to demarcate his/her personal and public storage space with a password, making it more secured and ideal for corporate users looking for storing sensitive data.

In addition, the embedded security software allows users to define their exclusive private usage space dedicated to their use and can be set to any percentage of the drive’s total capacity.

The MyZone based password enabled storage in Moser Bare Kight flash USB drive ensures that the user data remains secure making it ideal for enterprise users looking to store sensitive data.

“We are pleased to offer the compact Moser Baer-Knight USB Flash Drive to our customers. This launch exemplifies our constant focus on innovation in technology and delivers on both functionality and style. It combines a user friendly interface with additional security and compact, convenient design.” said Mr. Bhaskar Sharma, CEO, Blank Optical Media & Consumer Products, Moser Baer

Moser Baer claims that the ‘Knight’ USB Flash Drive is specially designed in a cap based model which makes it water and dust resistant and hence ideal for Indian conditions and this feature-packed flash drives come in an attractive sleek design with two colour options- Black and White.

Price and Availability

The Moser Baer ‘Knight’ Flash USB Drives are already available in two color options, Black and White, in capacities of 2GB and 4GB at the price of Rs. 525 and Rs 700 respectively with life time warranty.

Moser Baer has also announced that its Knight USB flash drive offering 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacities will also be available in a months time at Moser Baer’s pan-India dealer outlets.

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