ARCTIC Unveils Silentium T11 PC Case With ARCTIC Temperature-Controlled Fans

ARCTIC has today introduced ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case, featuring ARCTIC temperature-controlled fans that is ideal for users to build a computer on their own, given that these new products are well-made in terms of their durability and functionality.


Choosing a well-made chassis for computer core components is an initial and critical decision for computer builders. A chassis nowadays is more than just a skeleton to provide structure for the components, it should also be a framework that allows good and silent cooling, and have a stylish appearance at the same time.

The new chassis/PC Case, ARCTIC Silentium T11, contains all the superior qualities that any computer users may look for. This series is affordable, yet offering exceptional durability, expandability and accessibility to users.

The ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case is a mid-tower with dimensions of 49 (L) x 43 (H) x 19cm (W) and the design of this chassis features sturdy and durable steel construction that provides solid foundation for computer internal hardware.

It features two USB and audio ports on the front of the chassis that allow users to connect external and audio devices easily. For visual appearance, the front panel of ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case also includes two covers to conceal CD-ROM and DVD-writer device bays.

The ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case also contains four 5.25-inch external drive bays and one 3.5-inch internal drive bay and its design also supports up to 35cm long of high-end VGA boards. The spacious space inside the chassis is ideal for overclockers to install.

ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case also showcases tool-free installation for quick assembly and upgrade. Side panel slides open easily with thumb screws. Similarly, tool-free and screwless installation for mounting 5.25-inch drive bays is also very convenient for builders.

The Case with ARCTIC Temperature-Controlled Fans

The ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case comes with two temperature-controlled ARCTIC 120mm fans and these controlled fans complement with the framework of the chassis to provide adequate airflow and offer maximum cooling performance at a minimum noise level.

The temperature controlled fans are ideal to provide sufficient ventilation inside the chassis.
Since these fans are able to self-regulate their speed and work automatically according to the internal chassis temperature, further adjustments in computer settings are not required.

The speed of the fan is able to remain at its lowest rpm at most times enabling adequate ventilation at lowest noise level possible. However, the fan speed is adjusted to its maximum to provide instant cooling when the internal temperature reaches its critical range.

The Air Flow inside the Chassis

Unlike other generic PC cases, the design of the ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case is different in several ways to provide maximum cooling capacity to the internal computer hardware.


In addition to the two intaking fans, the ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case is also equipped with an unprecedented feature, a VGA air hood, to guide intake air directly to the VGA board.

The air hood acts as a tunnel to trap the incoming air to flow into the VGA board directly and thus, provide maximum cooling effect to the VGA board.

The rear fan pulls in cool air into the case and gives sufficient cool air to the CPU as a result the CPU is able to maintain at a low temperature since the rear fan is feeding cool air into the CPU cooler.

The ARCTIC Silentium T11 PC Case would be available in Black and White colors in October 2010 for $59.95 with a 2 year limited warranty.

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