ADATA Launches S596 Turbo Solid State Drive (SSD) With JMicron JMF616 Controller

ADATA has today introduced S596 Turbo Solid State Drive (SSD), which is the world’s first Solid State Drive (SSD) build using JMicron JMF616 controller.


Flexible Dual Interface

In terms of the interface, the ADATA S596 Turbo SSD is equipped with SATA II and mini-USB 2.0 dual interface, providing greater convenience and flexibility and the SSD can be used either as an external portable storage, or as an installed disk in laptop.

In addition, with a 3.5-inch converter, the ADATA S596 Turbo SSD can be installed in desktop PC too.

The brushed aluminum chassis of the ADATA S596 Turbo SSD is designed for fast heat dissipation, while bringing impressive elegant demeanor.

JMicron JMF616 Controller

The ADATA S596 Turbo SSD is equipped with DDR2 128M cache buffer and it utilizes next-generation JMicron JMF616 controller, providing read speed up to 260MB per second, while write speed up to 210MB/S, which is 20 % higher than its former model S596 solid state drives.

The ADATA S596 Turbo SSD utilizes the next generation of Flash technology and DDR2 SDRAM cache buffer to provide an amazingly fast boot-up time at 20 seconds on platforms running Windows 7, a 40% performance improvement compared to platform equipped with ordinary SSD.

With the ADATA S596 Turbo, users can multi task and switch between graphic-editing software such as Photoshop, illustrator, AutoCAD, or 3D max gracefully with only one fourth (1/4) of the original processing time.

In addition, the device’s firmware supports Windows TRIM command, which significantly shortens the boot-up time and because of the new controller, the stability of ADATA S596 Turbo SSD is largely raised, ridding users of sudden standstill during data transmission.

The ADATA S596 Turbo SSD supports Static wear-leveling technology, which extends the SSD’s life and it is available in 32G / 64G / 128G / 256G storage capacity and is completely in compliance with Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard.

Users of ADATA S596 Turbo SSD are also able to download Norton Internet Security 2010 (60-day trial) for free and experience enhanced mobility and security with just few mouse clicks away.

All ADATA SDDs are backed by 3-year product warranty. For more information, please visit

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