Logitech Z205 Laptop Speaker Launched

Logitech announced the Logitech Z205 Laptop Speaker which is a lightweight speaker system with an easy-to-attach clip-on design that lets users pump up the volume wherever they take their laptop or netbook PCs.


Today, laptop and netbook computers are portable and powerful enough to do everything user would desire such as enjoying music, movies and video calls but their smaller and compact footprint results in often sacrificing the audio quality.

Whether a Mac or a Windows-based laptop or a netbook, the Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205 securely attaches to the top of most laptop screens.

The Logitech Z250 laptop speaker is also small at approximately 1.35 inches thick and 2.5 inches tall, which means them extremely portable and easier to carry.

It has a lightweight, clip-on design that attaches securely to most laptops and netbooks, so you can easily use it anywhere.

The Logitech Z205 laptop speaker has just one cable for sound and power and a single plug-and-play USB connection that delivers power and pure, digital audio instantly without requiring any software or device drivers. And a carrying case protects your speaker while inside your bag or briefcase.

Measuring (H x W x D) 64 mm x 180 mm x 34.33 mm (2.52 in x 7.09 in x 1.35 in) the Logitech Z205 Laptop speaker have two high-performance drivers, built-in amplifier, and the enclosure is acoustically tuned.

In addition, the portable speaker also features external button to adjust the volume as well as turn the speaker on and off using the buttons located on the top of the speaker.

The included USB cable is all one need for power and audio, without needing a separate external power supply making the device a simple plug and play into any computer.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205 is already available in India for Rs. 2,195/- with one year warranty.

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