NITHO Docking Station for PS3 Slim Consoles Launched

NITHO, Italian gaming peripherals leading brand, has introduced in India Nitho Ultimate Multi-function Docking Station for PS3 Slim Console, docking station for PS3 gaming console that features 2 USB 2.0 hubs and removable hard disk drive.


In the jungle of accessories for PC and consoles, Nitho docking station for PS3 gaming console is the latest addition.

Nitho is a multinational company with head office in Italy and a worldwide presence in more than 30 countries, providing a huge range of accessories to play with gaming consoles.

Nitho believes, that with a forecasted global turnover of more than 100 million USD within 2010, Indian videogames scenario is one of the most important emerging markets in the world. There is a huge potential audience of around 1.2 billion inhabitants, it is also one of the largest English-speaking country, and – thanks to the investments of big players such as Sony, Microsoft and EA – videogames markets has just started to grow. Rapidly. From 2007 to 2010 this market will have increased 7 times (17 to 120 million USD).

The Nitho docking station for PS3 is clad in glossy black paint so identical to the Sony PS3 console, and it features 2 USB hubs located on the left side of the unit.

On the right side, it features memory card slot offering upto 8-GB with backward compatibility to PS2 and earlier console and on the back side of the device there is provision to insert 2.5-inch hard disk drive allowing users to upgrade the hard disk storage space at will without having to replace the entire unit.

Indian consumers have been using more and more gaming peripherals, most of all outside the traditional scenario of “hardcore gamers” playing in their rooms with no social contacts.

Faxtel-India, one of the Indian distributor specialized in retailers, has recently signed an agreement with NITHO, to look after the Indian market.

NITHO Docking Station for PS3 Features

  • Built with 2 additional 2.0 USB hubs
  • 1 USB hub with 5V output – Memory card reader included (compatible with CF,SD and MS)
  • Connect PS3 console via USB plug
  • ON/OFF Blue LED switch
  • LED indicator indicates the receiving status of the remote controller
  • Converter for PS2 Accessories to Play on PS3 Console
  • Memory Card reader allows to store the data from the PS2 Memory card to the Ps3 Hard Disk
  • On / Off Blue LED Switch
  • Hard Disk Compartment allows installing A 2.5″ Hard Drive to Increase the storage memory of your console

The NITHO PS3 Slim Docking station is available in India for Rs. 3,599/- with 1 year standard warranty.

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