BenQ Launches EW2420, VW2420(H) and VW2220(H) VA LED Monitors

BenQ, today announced the release of the world’s first Vertical Alignment (VA) LED monitors – The EW and VW series, EW2420, VW2420(H) and VW2220(H) VA LED Monitors available in screen sizes of 21.5-inch and 24-inch and are build on VA 8-bit panel.


The BenQ lineup of the 16:9 Full HD VA-panel LED monitors includes: 24-inch EW2420, 24-inch VW2420(H) and VW2220(H) in 21.5-inch screen size.

These BenQ VA LED monitors delivers significantly enhanced viewing pleasure with a wider viewing angle at 178º/178º, True 3,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio and BenQ’s proprietary Senseye Human Vision Technology all on a true 8-bit panel.

BenQ VA LED-based LCD panels has better color reproduction, an ultra high contrast ratio, display blacks more accurately because of its capability to produce true black with zero bright dot (ZBD) and able to minimize light leakage.

BenQ VA panels are also known to have a wider viewing angle of 178 degree vertial and 178 degree horizontal compared to a regular Twisted Nematic (TN) panel before notable brightness and colour shifts, so your monitor can be shared across the room with more people, with more angles, more fun.

The BenQ VW series VW2420(H) and VW2220(H) LCD Monitors adopts the same design from BenQ’s award winning V Series LCD monitors with a change of a gold metal ring at base, carrying forth the smooth contours and clean lines complemented by the lacquer finish.

The BenQ EW Series EW2420 LCD displays appeal more towards the digital video enthusiasts as it comes equipped with a wide range of ports, enhancing the enjoyment of user’s video viewing without interruption.

Users can keep an array of digital devices permanently plugged in simultaneously and switch between gaming console, DVD player, webcam, PC, iPod, and others without the need for plugging, unplugging and switching cables.

All three EW2420, VW2420(H) and VW2220(H) VA LED Monitors has a considerate design of headphone hanger on the back of the monitor to conveniently help users store their headsets.

The BenQ VW/EW Series LCD monitors are further enhanced by BenQ’s proprietary Senseye Human Vision Technology, producing fuller, richer, clearer and more detailed images, even for the darkest scenes.

The Senseye 3’s six preset modes give users the luxury of one-touch optimization for the most popular applications: Game, Movie, sRGB, Standard, Photo, and Eco modes.

The BenQ’s sRGB colour consistency on a true 8-bit panel (16.7M colour panel) allows users to have a convenient way to get consistent colours. Be confident that the colours shown on screen are the colours to be printed.

All VW series monitors are equipped with DVI and D-Sub ports while HDMI 1.3 and headphone jack are available on models designated with an H; whereas the EW series comes equipped with DVI-D; HDMI x2; D-Sub; USB x4; Line-in; headphone jack and 1.5W x2 audio speakers, offering diverse connectivity options.

The BenQ VW2420(H) and EW2420 will be available in Taiwan and subsequently worldwide early mid-July and mid-August respectively; whereas the VW2220(H) will be available in November 2010. For more information, please visit

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