Samsung Gravity 3, Samsung Gravity T and Samsung :) Smiley QWERTY Phones Launched

Samsung has announced the availability of three new messaging-centric phones in US market, comprising of Samsung Gravity 3, Samsung Gravity T and Samsung Smiley phones which all features full QWERTY keyboard, available in unique designs to suit each customer’s messaging preference.


Available exclusively through T-Mobile USA and powered by its high-speed network, the Samsung :), Gravity 3 and Gravity T offer the latest in messaging capabilities and easy access to the Web that keeps customers connected and up to date on the latest with friends and family.

The Samsung Gravity 3 phone offers an external T9 keyboard along with a slide-out QWERTY pad, while the Samsung Gravity T features a customisable 2.8-inches touchscreen display.

Each of the phones also includes a new social networking feature called T-Mobile Social Buzz, which integrates popular social networking sites into one application. When not actively in use, Social Buzz continues running in the background and delivers pop-up message notifications to the phone’s home screen ensuring you are in the know on the latest updates. While in use, it gives the option to visit each social networking screen separately or visit an aggregated screen that includes messages from all communities in one simple-to-access place.

“We’re proud to continue the popular Gravity series of devices with sleeker designs and a fully customizable touch screen on the Gravity T, as well as introduce the Smiley with T-Mobile,” said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer for Samsung Mobile. “These three phones each offer top-notch messaging features and multimedia favorites together in one device.”

Following the success of the Samsung Gravity and Gravity 2, Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile are continuing the series with the availability of the Samsung Gravity 3 and Samsung Gravity T phones.

The next generation of Samsung Gravity phones offers two designs that come fully equipped with slide-out QWERTY keyboards and a complete messaging suite, including Exchange and personal e-mail capability, calendar and contacts.

The Samsung Gravity 3 phone brings an external T9 keyboard and a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard, while the Samsung Gravity T phone features a customizable 2.8-inch touch screen that provides a premium touch and messaging experience at an affordable price.

Both Samsung Gravity 3 and Gravity T phones include a 2-megapixel camera and camcorder, built-in music player, HTML browser and support for up to 16 GB of expandable memory.

The Samsung :) (Smiley) features a compact, rounded-edge design, a slide-up vertical QWERTY keyboard and a dedicated shortcut for quick access to messaging applications, including text, picture, video and instant messaging, as well as Exchange and personal e-mail capability.

The Samsung Smiley offers an easy-to-use interface, a built-in camera and camcorder, a music player and support for expandable memory.

With T-Mobile’s web2goSM service, all three devices can access the Web personalize the phone’s Web home page for easy one-click access to favorite websites, receive fast and easy search results and live news feeds with web2go, and have access to a plethora of T-Mobile offerings, including the latest ringtones, games and wallpaper.

Starting today, the Samsung :) (Smiley), Gravity 3 and Gravity T phones are available in T-Mobile retail stores, authorized dealers and online at

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