Acer Aspire X5950 and X3950 Compact Deskop PCs Launched

Acer as announced the release of new Acer Aspire X5950 and X3950 Compact Desktops which excel at handling even the most demanding home computing and entertainment needs.


The Acer Aspire X5950 and X3950 Compact Desktops clad small form factor design and are great for sharing photos and videos, mixing music or doing multimedia editing being as these desktops feature first-rate applications, components and performance in a cool design taking up just a third of the space of standard PCs.

Perfect for home computing and entertainment the Aspire X5950 and X3950 compact desktops are sleek and stylish, with a space saving form factor and excellent ergonomics.

Frequently used ports, such as audio jacks, USB ports and a multi-in-one card reader, are easily accessible on the front of the machine and are nicely concealed and protected from dust and damages by a door when not in use.

Evoking efficiency and high-tech style, the Aspire X5950 comes with a brushed-metal chassis, while the high gloss black finish of the X3950 portrays solidity and elegance.

Acer Aspire X5950 and X3950 Compact Desktops are powered by new Intel Core i7, i5 and i3, a family of processors capable of delivering maximum processing power in response to the most demanding tasks such as editing multimedia files, or playing fast-paced games.

Acer Aspire X5950 and X3950 Compact Desktops build with combination of the Intel H57 Express Chipset motherboard with next-generation graphics solutions delivering high-quality visuals for dazzling HD entertainment and gaming, rich graphics and outstanding performance.

The desktops also includes up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory while second generation PCI Express optimizes computer components, such as high-end discrete graphics cards and network cards for the fastest performance available.

Both Acer Aspire X5950 and X3950 Compact Desktops PCs are equipped with Blu-ray Disc drive that delivers stunning high definition videos allowing full advantage of the latest digital technologies and enjoy movies at their best. They also include HDMI digital out port, a PCIe x16 slot for discrete graphic and digital and analog hybrid TV-tuner.

Both desktops comes with upto 2-TB SATA hard disk drives with up to 2 additional hard disk drives, providing exceptional flexibility and all the room one might need to store entire digital libraries.

The multi-in-one card reader located at front of the top deck, supporting a wide variety of memory cards and upto 12 USB ports make them easy to manipulate and share your files.

Featured on the Aspire X5950 and X3950 compact small factor desktops is Acer Arcade Deluxe 4.0, which allows easy managing of often chaotic digital library. A cool and simple interface bundles:

  • Arcade Photo: an intuitive tool for easily and quickly managing and showing your favourite pictures.
  • Arcade Videos: view your videos, convert them to other formats or store them online.
  • Arcade Music: the hub where to keep and play all your music files.
  • These desktop also comes pre-loaded with Acer eRecovery Management, a handy utility that simplifies data recovery process with full or incremental backups and driver or application reinstallation through an intuitive interface. To further protect your important data, the new Aspire include MyWinLocker, a digital safe that stores you critical files on a secure virtual disk.
  • The Aspire X5950 and X3950 are the ideal solutions for multimedia home-users and entertainment enthusiasts looking for a feature-rich system that satisfies their entertainment and computing needs.

The company has not yet said what these desktops would cost or when would they be available.

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