Toshiba Launches Satellite A660-042 – Industry’s First Blu-ray 3D Format Notebook

Toshiba today announced the introduction of Toshiba Satellite A660-042 Notebook, claimed to be the industry’s first 3D notebook PC featuring playback of 3D content in Blu-ray 3D.


This new revolutionary Toshiba Satellite A660-042 notebook PC is equipped with WinDVD BD for Toshiba and NVIDIA 3D Vision software and hardware, allowing user play back content in Blu-ray 3D format, providing consumers with a rich and vivid 3D experience when used in conjunction with active-shutter glasses.

The Toshiba Satellite A660-042 3D notebook features a 15.6-inch LED backlight LCD display and it is capable of playing 3D Blu-ray titles and games. Adopting the same active shutter technology that has made 3D a hit in movie theatres around the world, the Satellite A660-042 comes equipped with wireless 3D active shutter LCD glasses that lighten and darken at the same fast refresh rate of 120Hz5 LCD.

Since each eye receives a slightly different image at the same time, the result is a high quality, dynamic stereoscopic image: full 3D.  The system’s high level performance is enhanced by the integration of NVIDIA’s latest graphic processor, the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350M, and 1GB Video RAM dedicated to graphics processing.

In addition to being the first 3D format notebook on the market, the Toshiba Satellite A660-042 notebook continues Toshiba’s commitment to providing notebook options that perfectly merge outstanding performance with a sophisticated aesthetic.

Featuring a Velvety Black casing with chrome accents and a raised-tile keyboard, this sleek Satellite A660-042 notebook is also equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processor, high quality, harman/kardon stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio and 640GB of hard disk drive space.

Satellite A660-042 notebook’s key features

  • Toshiba Media Controller: Toshiba exclusive application with a drag and drop interface that completely simplifies the home networking experience.
  • USB Sleep n Music: Toshiba exclusive feature that allows the computer to act as a portable sound system when attached to an MP3 player- even when it is off or asleep.
  • Resolution: Toshiba exclusive innovation that takes standard definition DVD content and upscales it to a sharper, more vibrant picture that looks more like HD.
  • Eco Mode: Limits power consumption and allows users to measure energy usage in real time.
  • Hard Drive Impact Sensor: Detects vibrations or falls and protects the hard drive from damage and data loss.
  • USB Sleep and Charge: Charge a PDA, Mobile Phone, MP3 player, gaming console etc. even when the notebook is turned off.
  • Face Recognition Technology:  Logon on to your notebook using your face.
  • HDMI output port: Tap into a home theatre or other external consumer electronics devices.
  • Includes 4GB of DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM Memory
  • Windows  7 Home Premium Pre-installed

The new Toshiba Satellite A660-042 is available for the suggested list price of $1,899 in Canada for now with slated worldwide availability pretty soon.

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