Mitsubishi Unveils MDT651S – First Commercial-Grade 65-Inch LCD Monitor With Built-In CAT5 Receiver

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America has announced its new MDT651S 65-inch LCD monitor, the first monitor in Mitsubishi’s line that is IP-addressable for easy control and management, using Mitsubishi’s own networking software.


The new MDT651S 65-inch LCD monitor is designed for traditional conference room visual display as well as for videoconferencing and digital signage applications.

The new Mitsubishi’s MDT651S 65-inch LCD monitor is one of the first monitors to offer both front and rear ambient light sensors that detect lighting conditions in two areas. These sensors adjust the monitor’s brightness level based on its readings and automatically balance image brightness for optimum viewing, regardless of the brightness of the ambient light either in front of, or behind the monitor.

When installed in venues where lighting changes constantly, the owner realizes energy savings through reduced power consumption when the ambient lighting turns darker. When the sun comes out, brightness in the monitor’s display is automatically increased to create the best possible image in the new lighting condition.

The new monitor offers full high-definition 1920 x 1080 resolution for clear, accurate computer graphics and HD video with a 700 cd/m2 high brightness, 2000:1 high-contrast screen that delivers impressively sharp, vivid images and information, even in brightly lit public spaces.

Mitsubishi’s new 65-inch LCD monitor streamlines installation and reduces the number of necessary components.  It also eliminates cable clutter with its built-in CAT5 receiver that keeps image quality consistent, even with cable lengths of up to 500 feet or 150 meters between source and display.

Video and RS-485 serial-control signals can be simultaneously delivered over the same CAT5 cable, eliminating the need for a separate, distance-limiting serial-control cable.  Users can also daisy chain up to five monitors, making content delivery easy and more efficient.

The 65-inch monitor has a narrow aluminum bezel that is stylish and classy, reducing image distortion in tiled installations, and can be tiled up to 25 displays in a five-wide by five-high configuration.

A frame compensation function also helps adjust for the width of the bezels so images are accurately displayed.  The structural design of the monitor allows for landscape and portrait display for unique, innovative, eye-catching installations.

The MFT651S 65-inch LCD monitor also feature a programmable scheduling and multi-level screen saver functions.  Up to seven different intervals by time, day of the week, input port and separate content feeds can be programmed.

In addition, the MFT651S LCD displays can be automatically turned on or off or set to one of four screen saver levels.  The cooling fan is also automatically activated when internal temperatures reach a pre-designated limit.

Mitsubishi MFT651S 65-inch LCD monitor offers a wide range of color temperature adjustments as well as a six-axis color fine-tuning function. This precise level of color control allows independent hue and saturation modifications, which is important in creating exact color images, particularly in broadcasts, retail food imagery, digital posters and logo reproduction.

Picture-in-picture, picture-out-of-picture, and side-by-side image configurations are supported, enabling video and presentation content to be displayed simultaneously, an ideal feature for broadcasting and videoconferencing applications.

Mitsubishi’s The MFT651S 65-inch commercial grade LCD monitor is competitively priced and is available with covered for three years by Mitsubishi’s limited warranty program backed with an advanced express replacement program.

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