Sony Announces NWZ-B152 & B153 Walkman MP3 Player in India With One Touch Bass Enhancer

Sony Introduces new and improved Walkman B Series Sony NWZ-B152 Walkman MP3 Player that offers a one touch integrated Bass Enhancer and is targeted at young users who like to listen to music while exercising and would prefer wire-free listening experience.


The new Sony Walkman B Series NWZ-B152 features a one touch Bass Enhancer with red power illuminator to boost Bass performance on a music track. And adding to the groove, the illuminator’s LED lights start dancing and pulsing with the music.

The Walkman B Series MP3 player sports compact, sleek and ergonomic design for comfortable fit and convenient music playback while exercising.

The lipstick-size Sony NWZ-B152 MP3 player features 3-line LCD display, built-in FM tuner and come with 13.5mm EX Headphones with soft silicon earbuds for added comfort. Media player supports latest audio formats including MP3, AAC and WMA (DRM).

The wireless Walkman B series NWZ-B152 features a very refreshing colorful design and integrates a new jog dial that enables easier toggling and music navigation.

Stylishly sleek, the new Walkman B series sports a shiny new look with a sleek metallic paint finish on its USB cap. The tiny music player has simple controls, excellent audio quality and long 12-hours of battery life, quite impressive for such a small device.

The Quick Charge feature lets users enjoy 90 minutes of music playback with just a 3 minute charge, and the Walkman also features a long battery life of up to 18 hours with just 70 minutes of full charging.

Music transfers with the Walkman B series NWZ-B152 are simple and fuss-free – the included Content Transfer software lets you easily transfer your music files directly from Windows Explorer or iTunes to the Walkman with its simple drag-and-drop interface.

The Li-ion rechargeable battery and audio electronics are packed into two modules which are wearable on top of the ears, with the earpieces protruding inside ear lobes, and the whole assembly is kept in place by the a flexible cable that fits around the back of head.

Sony NWZ-B152 Walkman MP3 player supports wide variety of audio features, from MP3 music playback to voice and FM recording and like its predecessor, Sony has provided a innovative feature viz. Zappin technology that facilitates searching and browsing functions.

The new Sony Walkman B series NWZ-B152 media player is also equipped with a unique music navigation interface for quick music browsing. The ZAPPIN technology intelligently helps users  find their  favourite tracks by playing the chorus to each song as one skip through. User has option to configure a longer snippet of 10-seconds and shorter one of 4-seconds each and pressing the Jog button would start playing the song. In addition the player also offers a shuffle switch on the inside of the right earpiece that randomize playback songs.

The new Walkman B series of MP3 player model comes in various colours such as black, pink and lime and has internal storage of 2-GB (NWZ-B152 model) or 4-GB (NWZ-B153 model). A custom music transfer software lets users move non-DRM files from online stores like iTunes by dragging and dropping.

The internal rechargable Li-ion battery allows 12 playback hours and player also offers a quick-charge feature that gives upto  90 minutes of playback from a quick 3-minute charge.

Sony Walkman NWZ-B Series MP3 Player Features

  • Lightweight and comfortable WALKMAN mp3 player
  • 2-GB or 4-GB storage holds up to 500 tracks (128kbps mp3) / 1000 tracks
  • ZAPPIN technology allows quick song searches
  • 13.5mm EX Series headphones for clear and high quality audio performance
  • Media player supports MP3, AAC and WMA (DRM)
  • Easily drag and drop tunes directly from your computer
  • Carrying case and charging desk stand
  • In-built Li-ion rechargable battery with up to 12 hours as well as 90 minutes playback time from a 3 minute quick charge
  • Colors: Pink, Yellow, Purple, Gold, and White
  • Weight: 43 gms

The Sony Walkman B Series NWZ-B152 (2-GB) MP3 player is available in India for Rs. 2,890 with one year warranty.

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