Samsung Galaxy Tablet Powered By Android Unveiled

Today, Samsung has released some sketchy details of its forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tablet device by misteriously posting a image of it alongside its recently launched Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Smartphone in its South African blog.


The only tiny bit of detail about this Samsung Galaxy Tab indicates that it features a 7-inch high resolution AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display and that there are rumours of an 8-inch and 10-inch model which may follow.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet also features a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top, a charger slot at the bottom, there is a microSD card icon in the status bar at the top perhaps indicating microSD support and device is believed to be powered by Google Android OS, as Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Smartphone.

Most likely powered by ARM processor, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet also includes a forward facing camera that appears to be present above the top right corner of the display, and a volume control which appears to be on the top of the Tablet’s left edge.

If Samsung really enters the US Tablet/Slate device market it is expected to face much more than just Apple’s iPad. Companies planning to fight for share in US market in near future include Asus, MSI, Hewlett-Packard and Dell (Dell Streak Tablet). With possible exception of ASUS, all the other companies plan to release their version of tablet devices during this year.

Besides these sketchy details, there is not much lot of information available at this time. The device is also rumored to see initial launch in the South Africa market, perhaps coinciding with the Soccer World Cup event.

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