Mi-Fone Launches Affordable Mi-Q+, Mi-Q1 and Mi-Q5 QWERTY Phones

Mi-Fone (BVI) Ltd has announces the launch of a new Mi-Q range of low cost QWERTY mobile phones, Mi-Q+, Mi-Q1 and Mi-Q5 QWERTY Phones which are affordable, stylish and a quality competitive mobile to the Blackberry.


Mi-Q5 Phone

Mi-Fone claims that Mi-Q series of QWERTY phones are designed to give young consumers in India a ‘Blackberry Smartphone kind of experience’ at a fraction of the cost, while maintaining a high aesthetic and basic functionality.

With this new Mi-Q range of QWERTY phones comprising of three models that includes Mi-Q+, Mi-Q1 & Mi-Q5, the Mi-Fone aims to provide the young Indian with affordable full dedicated QWERTY handset that allows Email, Instant Messaging, and social networking texting easy and fun besides allowing easier uploading and downloading of documents.

Mi-Fone Mi-Q+ QWERTY Phone

At the bottom end is the basic Mi-Fone Mi-Q+ QWERTY phone which is equipped with GPRS Class 10, WAP/xHML 2.0, capacity to receive and send MMS, FM radio, a torchlight and the Qwerty keypad for faster SMS, email and messaging.


Mi-Q+ Phone

Mi-Fone Mi-Q1 QWERTY Phone

The Mi-Fone Mi-Q1 is a dual-SIM capable handset that sports full QWERTY pad and includes support for GPRS/WAP/MMS and MP3/Video capabilities.

The Mi-Q1 comes with 1-GB internal memory serving as an effective multimedia Qwerty mobile and a singular device for those with more than a single sim card, which is prevalent amongst young Indian as a way to counteract high call costs between networks.


Mi-Q1 Phone

Mi-Fone Mi-Q5 QWERTY Phone

The Mi-Fone Mi-Q5 phone is also a dual-SIM capable handset that sports full QWERTY pad and includes support for GPRS/WAP/MMS and MP3, ideo playback capabilities and include VGA resolution digital camera and support for Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connecivity.

The Mi-Q5 QWERTY phone is capable of running JAVA applications such as the new MI-APPS initiative which combines instant messaging and push email under and an integrated format together with social apps such as Face book, MSN, etc.

In addition, the Mi-Q5 handset also support microSD memory card slot for expandable memory and is capable of running Analogue television.


Mi-Q5 Phone

While Mi-Fone Mi-Q+ is available for Rs. 2,500/-, the Mi-Q1 cost Rs. 3,399 and Mi-Q5 comes with MRP of Rs. 3,999 with one year warranty. Visit www.mi-fone.mobi for more details.

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