The iPhone 3G S Phone Being Launched in India on 24th March 2010

There is a loud buzz on various tech news sites and tech blogs indicating imminent launch of Apple’s iPhone 3G S smartphone in India to be around last week of this March month. Though there has been lukewarm excitement to iPhone so far in India, the iPhone 3G S version with its enhanced set if features is eagerly awaited.


Apple iPhone 3G S has been around in US for a while now and have enjoyed immense popularity and is even being followed by next generation iPhone 4G version, Apple’s move to launch this in India at this point of time when 3G network has limited providers does not sound quite exciting.

Then there is also a massive initial cost to afford iPhone 3G S phone. Perhaps, rumors of a imminent launch of much affordable Google Nexus One in some trim-down features version could be the trigger.

With all the hype around the Google Nexus One phone since it was unveiled in US market, the launch of Android 2.1 powered Google Nexus One touch smartphone for India (and Russia) markets is almost certain and the device is believed to sport lesser features and will be priced relatively lower then its international pricing, making it more affordable. Besides, users on non 3G enabled network would also to use the Nexus One phone as it would come unlocked with GSM network support.

As prevailing practice, the iPhone 3G S is expected to come locked to a single or select few 3G network provider and would include pre-defined data-volume plan.

Its quite obvious that for now, when 3G spectrum auctioning for private Telecom providers is yet to happen, 3G network capable MTNL and BSNL would be only providers to offer iPhone 3GS to their 3G users in limited circles. But how many would afford about RS. 40,000 for a mobile phone with features now widely available in Nokia and Samsung smartphones.

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