Blackberry to Offer 410,000 Amazon Kindle Books for Free

Blackberry has announced that it, in partnership with Amazon stores, will allow access to about 410,000 eBooks for free from Amazon’s Kindle to its users in USA who owns Blackberry handset equipped with eBook reading feature.


All Blackberry models later than 8520 are already equipped with this new feature and that includes Blackberry models Bold-9000, Bold-9700, Tour-9630, Curve-8520, Curve-8900, Storm-9530, and Storm-9550 handsets.

This Kindle for Blackberry (still in Beta) is a free application for Blackberry handset that allows access to more than 410,000 Kindle books using Blackberry handset without requiring Amazon’s Kindle e-Book reader.

The Kindle-for-Blackberry application also automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices with Whispersync and create bookmarks and view the annotations you created on your Kindle, computer, or other Kindle-compatible mobile device.

The Kindle-for-Blackberry, which is also available to iPad customers, is available to only US customers for now and there is no news about when it extends in other markets across globe.

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