Strontium Launches New EVM DDR2 and DDR3 Memory Modules For Desktop PCs

Strontium Technology of Singapore has launched a range of value memory modules dubbed as EVM DDR2 and DDR3 Memory Modules for Desktop PCs, designed to provide an ultimate balance of performance and price and comes with lifetime warranty.


Competitively priced, the EVM DDR2 and DDR3 memory modules are designed to support rigid industry standard computing services such Internet access, e-mail, file-storage space, and other office applications and comes 100% tested for all possible computing platforms with lifetime warranty, free technical support, and hassle-free RMA service.

Strontium EVM DDR2 memory modules for Desktop PCs are currently available in 1-GB and 2-GB capacities while EVM DDR3 is available in only 2-GB capacity with a life time warranty through Strontium channel partners across India at street prices of Rs. 1,025 for 1-GB-DDR2, Rs. 1,925 for 2-GB- DDR2 and Rs. 2,275 for 2-GB-DDR3 respectively.

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