Seagate BlackArmor PS110 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Offers 5-GBps Data Transfer Speed

SEAGATE has today announced the launch of its new BlackArmor PS 110 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive powered by hi-speed USB v3.0 technology offering upto 5 MBps data transfer speed.


Identical in look and size to previously available Seagate’s BlackArmor USB 2.0 PS110, the new Seagate BlackArmor PS110 USB 3.0 external drive is 5.12 x 3.15 x 0.49 inches in size and allows  upto 5-GBps data transfer speed that is almost three times faster than PS110 USB 2.0 version.

The BlackArmor PS110 USB 3.0 comes with a Seagate Barracuda 2.5-inch hight SATA II hard drive (7200 rpm speed), while BlackArmor PS110 USB 2.0 same with SATA II 5300 rpm hard drive, making it the fastest USB based external hard drive storage system in the world as yet.

The BlackArmor PS110 USB 3.0 external hard drive system offers secure and safe backup restore of digital contents and features automatic back up of entire system including files including programs, operating system and system settings files and is equipped with AES-256 encryption technology that provides added protection to backed up files.

Seagate BlackArmor PS110 USB 3.0 would hopefully go on sale in India this month. There is no word about the price structure as yet.

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