Microsoft Announces SideWinder X4 Gaming Keyboard: Offers 26-Keys Anti-Ghosting

Microsoft has announced its new SideWinder X4 Gaming Keyboard that is perhaps world’s keyboard offering all-key anti-ghosting. This new economical keyboard gives users a powerful programming and versatility to enhance work or gaming experience.


Keyboard Ghosting is defined as the tendency for traditional keyboards to lose track of key presses when user is already holding down another key. For professional gamers with habit of using several complex key-shortcuts, this keyboard ghosting can really poses a lot of problems.

Few keyboard manufacturers including Logitech have previous offered solutions that allowed upto ten simultaneous key presses without Ghosting but Microsoft’s new SideWinder X4 keyboard for the first time, allows to press up to 26 keys at the same time without Ghosting, providing users a powerful programming and versatility to enhance their work or gaming experience.

Highlighted Features:

Advanced anti-ghosting capability
Allows pressing up to 26 keys simultaneously without ghosting.

Mode switching
Manually toggle the keyboard from standard mode to two gaming modes. A LEDs on the top of keyboard show the selected mode.

Automatic profile switching
Keyboard is capable of automatically detecting the game or application user is running and applies his custom profile to the application.

Programmable macro keys
Allows switching among three banks of six programmable macro keys to assign up to 18 macros per profile.

In-game Macro Record button
Record any sequence of keystrokes, even standard chat messages. Macros are stored on local hard drive and can be easily shared.

Backlit keys
Allows adjust key-legend back-lighting with three illumination levels.

Dedicated Media keys
Play/Pause, Previous Track, Next Track, and Mute.

Available with 3-years warranty and compatible to Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP operating systems, the new Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard would only be available in March 2010.

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