Samsung Announces 32-GB microSD Card For Mobile Phones

Samsung has announced high-capacity 32-GB microSD  memory cards for mobile phones offering increased storage capacity for forthcoming mobile phones and smart phone devices, to be mass produced starting next month.

Till now, 16-GB storage capacity had been the highest capacity microSD card available for mobile devices and they are based on 40nm-class 16GB NAND.


The Samsung 32-GB capacity microSD card is superior to previously available highest density microSD and is made using Samsung’s own advanced 30-nm class 32Gb NAND flash memory technology which combines eight 32-Gb NAND components one on top of other controlled by a card circuit controller.

According to market research firm iSuppli, the global NAND flash memory market for 32-GB and higher memory cards is forecast to be 530 million units in 2010 and reach 9.5 billion units by 2013. The new Samsung 32-GB microSD card is only 1-mm thick and the portion of the card which gets inserted into a mobile handset measures just 0.7 millimeters in height.

The new Samsung 32-GB microSD card is expected to go into production starting Feb 2010. Samsung has not indicated the prices of 32-GB microSD card as yet.

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