Transcend MP330 MP3 Player Launched

Transcend has launched its new generation ultra-portable music player MP330 MP3 Player in India that sports a monochrome display, can also work as USB mass storage drive, supports newer audio file formats like FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and comes in storage capacities of 2-GB, 4-GB and 8-GB.

transcend-mp330-mp3-playerThe Transcend MP330 ultra-portable tiny MP3 player sports a 128 x 32 pixels wide monochrome 2 colors (Black, White) OLED LCD screen that displays text content such as song titles and lyrics. The player features an extra bright easy-to-read OLED display can easily be viewed at any angle, even in broad daylight.

The device is equipped with 4-way joy-pad and it features a new streamlined design and new vibrant color schemes. All of the MP330’s functions can easily be accessed via its specially designed intuitive interface and navigation buttons.

The Transcend MP330 MP3 player supports Hi-Speed USB v2.0 port for wired connectivity which offers super-fast read/write speeds of 3.2/2.8MB/sec. It also features a real time clock which displays local and global time.

The ultra-portable MP330 can also operate like a USB flash drive, making it easier to transfer music, pictures, office documents, presentation documents and other files from any desktop or laptops.

Measuring slightly smaller in size and little thinner than earlier launched Transcend MP320R portable media player, the MP330 measures 83 x 25.5 x 11 mm and weighing only 25 grams, including a Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery, the Transcend MP330 MP3 music player is available in 2-GB, 4-GB and 8-GB internal memory capacity and does NOT offer option for expandable memory slot.

Transcend MP330 ultra portable digital music player features high quality sound and support newer audio file format such as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) in addition to older formats  including MP3, WMA, WAV, and even WMA-DRM10 protected music files. Besides featuring a high signal-to-noise ratio of over 90 dB to deliver superior audio output quality, the Transcend MP330 provides seven advanced equalizer effects to choose from, including a special user-customizable option that allows music playback to be tailored to match specific music tastes and styles.

In addition, the MP330 is also equipped with built-in advanced equalizer with 7 preset effects, including SRS WOW HD and user-customizable options, allowing tailored sound output to match specific music tastes and styles.

The Transcend MP330 MP3 player also offers an A-B repeat function that allows continuous playback of a part of the music track.  The device also offers complete support for 13 languages including English, German, french, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

In ultra-light Transcend MP330 is also equipped with a unique removable sport clip that offers users more flexibility to match their listening habits.

The versatile Transcend MP330 portable music player also can doubles as a portable storage device and operates just like a USB flash drive, allowing users to transfer files without the hassle of carrying around bulky cables.

The Transcend MP330 MP3  music player is also equipped with integrated FM radio with 20 FM channels memory allowing recording from radio to a WAV file. In addition, the device also offers a voice recorder, and karaoke-style synchronized lyrics display with support for 13 different languages.

The Transcend MP330 music player comes with Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery offering up to 12 hours of continues music playback. For power saving the device sports auto power-off after 5 or 10 minutes of idle time and auto screen-saver conserves power when idle.

The versatile Transcend MP330 music player also offers an impressive collection of value-added features  such as a line-in feature that can be used to record music from an external source such as a CD player, and its A-B repeat and variable track playback speeds can be used as a tool for language learning.


Transcend MP330 MP3 Player Features

  • Portable MP3 media player / Voice recorder / Music Recorder / FM Radio
  • 128 x 32 pixels OLED Monochrome display
  • 2-GB /4-MB / 8-GB internal Memory
  • Works like a standard USB flash drive
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Unix
  • Built-in Equilizers including SRS WOW HD and user-customizable options
  • MP3 Player supporting FLAC, MP3, WMA, and WAV and WMA-DRM10 protected music format
  • Sing-along with synchronized lyrics display
  • 7 equalizer effects, including a customizable USER EQ setting and SRS WOW HD
  • A-B repeat allows continuous replay of a designated section of a track
  • Variable track playback speeds allow careful review of recording or music
  • USB v2.0 port for wired connection
  • 3.5 mm audio out jack
  • Digital Voice Recorder, Record Format: ADPCM (WAV)
  • FM Radio, 20 FM channels presets allows recording from radio to a WAV file
  • Karoake-style Sync lyric display supporting 13 languages
  • Custom Playlist Builder for organizing personal music
  • Built-in microphone and direct Line-in recording
  • Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery (Up to 12 hours of operation)
  • Auto power-off after 5 or 10 minutes of idle time.
  • Auto screen-saver conserves power when idle
  • Sleep timer can be set to automatically power-off after 10-180 minutes
  • Transfer Rate: Read 3.2 MB/sec. Write 2.8 MB/sec
  • Dimension: 83 x 25.5 x 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 25 grams

Transcend MP330 MP3 player with 2-GB capacity is available in India for Rs. 2,500/- and version with 8-GB capacity is available for Rs. 4,000/- with 2 years warranty. Visit for more details.

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