Setup Your Personal Video Surveillance With WebcamXP Using Webcams

WebcamXP is an extraordinarily powerful webcams and network cameras monitoring, recording and streaming software which can help professional video surveillance for private and professional use.

download webcamxpIdeal tool to keep an eye on your shop, production units or office premises remotely from your phone or over internet, the WebcamXP software offers some really unique features and extraordinary ease of use to let anyone manage multiple video sources on the a single computer

Setting up professional security cameras with high-end dedicated digital video recorders for video surveillance can get very expensive affair and WebcamXP could help you achieve a comparable setup in a very cost effective manner at almost shoe-string budget using all the existing inexpensive webcams in office and or at home.

All you need is an software application which can handle multiple camera feeds with a motion detection feature.

WebcamXP version is a free version of commercial WebcamXP application for private (home) use that allows input from a single video (webcam) source  with otherwise full functionality of the commercial version.

WebcamXP free lets you stream via HTTP, Windows Media or to upload via FTP/FTPS or HTTP/HTTPS Post.

It also allows you add overlays / watermarks over your video streams and the basic features such as capturing or recording at fixed interval.

WebcamXP free version is ideal for putting live webcam on your web page and is robust for 24/7 broadcasting and streaming, monitoring, motion and sound detection, recording and remote monitoring/storage are a few key features of this software.

Some of the features if WebcamXP Free version:

  • Can be executed in 3 modes – Normal, IP Camera optimized and Windows Media
  • Administrator rights are no longer required to setup and run the application is able to be executed as Windows service so doesn’t even need to be logged on the computer and reboot resistant.
  • Package includes the IP Camera DirectShow filter and webcamXP Mobile for PocketPC
  • Supports all USB / PCI devices and most IP based sources (WDM Driver equired)
  • Advanced overlay editor supporting text / images and alpha-blending effects
  • Integrated Chat multiple client viewing options (java / javascript / flash client)
  • HTTP Broadcasting
  • Windows Media streaming and WM9 profiles handling (including for IP Cameras)FTP/FTPS secure support
  • Capturing and recording features (including IP Cameras / ASF streams)integrated scheduler for daily or fixed interval tasks use as source / relay / recompress and watermark ASF (Windows Media) streams
  • Can interact with PowerHome automation software

download webcamxp

WebcamXP 5 has been specially designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it also works on Windows XP, 2003 and 2008 Server (Windows Media Player is required).

Download WebcamXP Free Ver Freeware

for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista

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