Create Website Using Free Arachnophilia HTML Editor

Arachnophilia is a powerful and full-featured freeware non-graphical HTML editor with several special HTML production and editing features.

arachnophilia-html-editorArachnophilia HTML editor allows creation of HTML web pages using a suite of powerful tools and comes with integrated FTP client software interface allowing you to upload your webpages to your web hosting server account.

It also allows building of tables, frames, and other normally time-consuming HTML programming objects and this powerful software includes an built-in FTP client, HTML preview option, and an interactive dictionary with over 120,000 entries.

You can fully customize Arachnophilia’s menus, toolbars and keyboard commands and this text-based HTML editor lets you create or remove any commands, toolbars, or menus you want to. In addition, the software also allows to analyze the structure of your webpages rendering them error-free and compatible with more browsers.

Arachnophilia HTML editor also alows you can also create working environments for many kinds of programming tasks using Arachnophilia’s fully customizable menus and toolbars.


The latest Arachnophilia v5.4 offers several new features:

  • Support for international characters and content.
  • A new feature called “HTML Validate” that will help you find and correct structural errors in your pages by analyzing your webpage and allows you to navigate your page in a hierarchical sense, identifying areas for improvement.
  • A feature called “Instant Search” – when you begin typing the word you want to find, Arachnophilia begins searching immediately, as you type, using the letters you have typed so far.
  • Advanced macro editor that allows you to create, delete, and edit commands, including nearly all the commands one thinks of as “hard-wired” into a program.
  • Arachnophilia can dynamically link to external, user-provided Java classes, and those classes can process your documents.
  • When you exit Arachnophilia, it remembers everything — all your changes to menus and toolbars, what documents you were working with, any words you added to the spell checker, even your most recent search and replace strings.

Download Arachnophilia HTML Editor Ver 5.4 (1.5 MB)
for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista

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