Samsung Spinpoint N3U 250-GB USB Based Portable Hard Drive Launched

Samsung has launched in India its new 1.8-inch 250-GB USB connectable external portable hard drive Spinpoint N3U which incorporates an integrated native USB v1.1/2.0 controller embedded on the circuit board.

samsung-n3u-250gb-usb-hard-driveThe Samsung Soinpoint N3U hard drive incorporates an optimized design which results in a much smaller foor print, less power consumption and optimized performance ideal for portable external platter type storage devices.

Capable of storing upto 125 GB per platter, the new Samsung N3U portable USB hard drive is a 1.8-inch (against 2.5-inch standard), 3600 rpm, 250-GB capacity standard notebook hard drive which is preformatted FAT32 for Windows.

The new high-capacity 1.8-inch 250GB capacity Samsung N3U is ideal for consumers who require a small form factor, high capacity data storage.

Unlike other portable USB based hard drives like Iomega 250-GB USB Silver which require additional bridge PCB to help convert hard drive’s PATA interface into USB interface, the new Samsung Spinpoint N3U incorporates a native USB interface embedded on the hard drive circuit board itself.

Equipped with 8-MB of built-in cache memory, the new Samsung N3U portable USB hard drive consumes about 40 percent less power than a 2.5-inch hard drive of an equivalent capacity and is designed to withstand a free fall drop of upto 50 cm and is capable to withstand maximum of 1500G shock.

This Samsung Spinpoint N3U USB portable USB hard drive offers affordable way to save precious files and memories offering storage space (for backup) of up to 1,000,000 standard res photos or 4,625 hours of MP3 music files, or 375 hours of high quality video. In addition, the Samsung N3U portable hard drive is easy-to-use being preformatted and plug and play ready.

The Package

  • Samsung External Hard Drive
  • Single and Dual USB 1.1/2.0 cables
  • Power Cable
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Manual, Instructions Page
  • Software CD

The software CD contains Quick Sync software, drivers for windows XP/Vista and some utilities. The portable hard drive is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2K/XP and Mac OS 8.6/X.


Samsung Spinpoint N3U 250 GB Portable Hard Disk Features

  • USB connectable external hard drive
  • Native USB interface
  • 250-GB Capacity (also 129, 160 and 200 GB capacity)
  • Preformatted FAT32
  • 3600 RPM
  • 1.8-inch thick
  • 8-MB built-in data cache buffer
  • USB v1.1/v2.0 port
  • Compatible with PC and Mac

The Samsung Spinpoint N3U 250 GB portable hard drive will hopefully be available in India starting August 2009.

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