LG Launches N42 Series Network Monitor in India

LG Electronics has launched its revolutionary N42 Series Network Monitor solution in India that allows simultaneously connect up to 11 monitors to a single host desktop computer offering an ideal solution for small businesses, schools, libraries and any multi-user computing environment looking for cost consideration and lower maintenance and environmental impact.

lg-network-lcd-monitors.jpgThe concept take advantage of the fact that today’s multi-core computing environment being so powerful runs a vast majority of business applications using only fractional resources.  According to LG, on an average only about 10 percent of computing resources are used by a single user on a single PC at any point of time leaving a whole lot of resources unused and wasted.

The LG’s revolutionary multi-computing N42 Network Monitor enables a single desktop computer to allow many users share the idle resources as if each user had an individual PC, without compromising performance and system stability in addition to greatly reduce time spent by IT personnel on repairs and software installation.

In comparison to a  standalone PC for each user kind of environment, LG’s new N42 Network Monitor allows substantial cost savings by eliminate the need for all users to have individual computes at their desks. These monitors deliver virtual workspaces for up to 11 users sharing a single host computer and  this multi-computing solution includes built-in keyboard, optical mouse and audio ports.

The LG Network monitor connects to a PCI card plugged into the host desktop computer that creates multiple virtual workspaces using NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization software in collaboration with desktop virtualization provider, NComputing, based in Silicon Valley, California which is a global leader in low cost desktop virtualization honoured.

LG claims that N42 series Network monitor is an ideal solution for small businesses, schools, government offices, libraries and call centers that need to provide computing capabilities but are also equally concerned about the costs, maintenance and environmental impact in managing their computing networks.


Besides cost saving, LG’s Network Monitors are also environment friendly. As compared to an average computer which consumes about 80 – 100 watts of power, LG’s revolutionary N42 series multi-computing solutions consumes just about 1 – 5 Watt per user, resulting in electricity savings of upto 80%.

LG’s N42 series Network Monitor is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems offering seamless support for standard and widescreen 16:9 or 16:10 display aspect ratios.

The monitors are connected via the Virtual Desktop Ready RJ-45 connection or via a standard VGA port for maximum flexibility.

LG’s revolutionary N42 Series Network Monitor solution is available in India for about Rs. 11,000 per monitor (with keyboard and mouse) setup.  Please visit www.lg.com for more details.

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