Microsoft Dual Purpose Arc Mouse

Microsoft has announced a new revolutionary design of mouse, named Arc Mouse, which has wireless range of up to nine meters and can be used in two modes including as desktop mouse when fully extended and as notebook mouse when folded.

The wireless Arc Mouse combines the comfort of a desktop mouse and at the same time offers the portability of a notebook mouse. Microsoft Arc Mouse folds up to 60% of its fully expanded size and is available in two colors.

The revolutionary crescent-moon-shaped Arc Mouse operates at the 2.4 GHz wireless USB micro-transceiver which connects wirelessly right out of the box with virtually no interference and has up to a 30 foot wireless range and is equipped with two side buttons and three-button top layout.

With its unique foldable design, Microsoft Arc Mouse shrinks in size by almost 50 percent for portability when it is snapped shut (folded like clamshell mobile phone), but provides complete comfort as a full size mouse when flipped open.

Arc mouse is capable of folding to 60% of its fully expanded size using the strong metal hinge. Folding the mouse closed automatically turns it off.

The Arc Mouse’s foldable shape allows it to easily fit into any carry hand bag while on the go and expand to a comfortable full size regular mouse in one easy motion just like a typical clamshell mobile phone.

In addition, Arc Mouse’s micro USB transceiver snaps into the bottom of the mouse using a magnet and is so small that it sticks out less than 1-cm while plugged in.

The Arc mouse also features Scroll Wheel on top which allows effortlessly navigate documents and Web pages without using the on-screen scroll bar.

The dual mode Microsoft Arc Mouse also features Battery life indicator which shows two colours – green when the batteries have sufficient power and red when the batteries are running low, so one won’t get caught with a dead battery.

In addition, to further preserve battery one can Plug in the snap-in receiver unit when ready to work, and simply snap it into the mouse while traveling.

Arc Mouse also offers One-touch access to Windows Flip 3D feature which allows a user to flip through open windows in a stack and quickly switch between applications for added productivity.

In addition, Arc Mouse features Customizable Buttons to get quick access to the media, programs, and files one might use most often with customizable buttons.

The new Microsoft Arc Mouse is claimed to have employed a high-performance laser tracking technology which offers more precise, more responsive, and deliver smoother tracking experience.

Microsoft Wireless Arc Mouse Features

  • Wireless Dual Purpose Mouse for Laptop and Desktop
  • 2.4 GHz – 30 ft. wireless range
  • Folds to 60% for portability
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Snap-in Transceiver
  • One-touch access to Windows Flip 3D
  • Customizable Buttons for accessing media, programs, and files
  • Snap-in Receiver
  • Carry case with magnetic flap
  • High Performance laser tracking for smooth tracking
  • High Performance laser tracking technology for more precise, more responsive, and deliver smoother tracking.
  • 6+ Months Battery Life

Available in red and black colors, the new Microsoft Arc Mouse will be available in Dec’08 or early 2009 in India at a price of Rs 1,500 with 3 years limited hardware warranty.

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