Logitech Tri-Color Optical Mouse

In the celebration of the 61st year of Indian Independence, Logitech has introduced Logitech Tri Color Optical mouse using colors of the Indian flag which features a rare combination of precision Swiss technology and vibrant colors from Indian national flag.
Logitech Tri Color Mouse

The plug-and-play optical mouse sports Tri-colors from the Indian national flag on top side of the mouse and it comes with an all-terrain optical sensor which is capable of providing smooth tracking and maximum surface coverage in all sorts of operating environment.

A press release by Logitech at the launch of this tri-color optical mouse suggests that the tri-color scheme in mouse is aimed to remind everyone the long struggle the forefathers in India went through to gain precious Independence from all foreign rules and Salute the world’s largest democracy.

The Logitech Tri-Color optical mouse also sports a unique cord-wrapping feature allows users to wind the connecting cord neatly into the mouse.

In addition, the Logitech Tri-color optical mouse also sports the shock-resistant bodywork which can withstands bumps on the road, while the rounded shape is intended to provide the perfect balance of comfort and mobility.

Logitech Tri Color Mouse

The new Logitech Tri-color optical mouse is available for Rs. 640 with replacement warranty of 3-years from Rashi Peripherals which is a distributor of Logitech products in India.

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