LG GGW-H20L Blue Ray Writer

LG Electronics, has announced LG GGW-H20L Blue Ray ReWriter which LG claims to be world’s fastest Blue Ray Writer. The LG Blue Ray Writer has fastest double layer Blu-ray Disc (BD) writing speed of 6x Max.

lg-ggw-h20l lr-blueray-writerLG GGW-H20L Blue Ray Writer is an IDE device that can be mounted on any existing Desktop PC and is capable of double layer BD storage of up to 50 GB of data as against normal CD which has a storage capacity of approximately 700 MB.

The 50-GB storage capacity of a single BD disk translates to about data contents of up to 73 CDs Or to make it more appropriate, approximately 35 standard Bollywood movies.

In comparison, a single-layer DVD can store up to 4.7 GB of data, which essentially means an average 2 hours of standard movie storage. A single-layer Blu-ray disc can store up to 27-GB of data, which allows more than 13 hrs of standard video and more than 2 hrs of high-definition video.

Where as a double-layer Blu-ray disc has 54-GB of storage capacity allowing storage of more than 20 hours of standard video and 4.5 hrs of high-definition digital video.

The mega capacity of the LG GGW-H20L Blue Ray Writer makes it a great choice of product for the small & mid sized companies for their daily IT data backups. Software companies & Architects will also find high utility for this product to store large sized programs & designs.

lg-ggw-h20l lr-blueray-writer

LG GGW-H20L Blue Ray Writer Features

  • HD Read Technology
  • IDE Interface
  • Ultra Fast Blu Ray Writing Speed
  • Blu Ray Read and Write Technology
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Dimensions: 146 x 41.3 x 185 mm
  • Operating System Compatibility:
    Windows Vista: Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate Edition / Windows XP: Home, Professional, Media Center Edition

The LG GGW-H20L Blue Ray Writer with IDE interface for Desktop PC is available for Rs. 29,990/- inclusive of all taxes.

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