Transcend 32-GB 133x Compact Flash Memory Card

Transcend has announced Transcend 32-GB 133x Compact Flash memory card in India which features dual channel flash interface, low power consumption, built-in Error Correction Code and comes with lifetime warranty.

transcend-32-gb-133x-cf-flash-memory-cardTill now, Transcend only offered upto 16-GB capacity flash memory cards but growing consumer demand for larger capacity, high-speed memory cards seems to have made Transcend extended its line of flash memory cards.

The new Transcend 32-GB133x CompactFlash memory card also feature built-in Error Correction Code (ECC), that automatically detects and corrects memory related errors during data transfer preventing the possibile data corruption.

The newly introduced Transcend 32-GB133x CF CompactFlash memory card is capable of operating in both dual-channel and Ultra DMA mode 4 modes and it is able to deliver fast read speeds of up to 45-MB per second and write speed of upto 18-MB per seconds.

This high-capacity Transcend 32-GB133x CF CompactFlash memory card should be beneficial to professional photographers, reporters, journalist on filed, and even photography enthusiasts. The extraordinarily fast read/write speeds of 45-MB/18-MB per seconds would also allow consecutive shooting and non-stop video recording with DSLRs.

The other features of the Transcend 32-GB133x CF CompactFlash memory card includes low power consumption, CF Type I, fully complies with the latest CF 4.1 standard, ATA interface, multi-platform compatibility, RoHS Compliant, lifetime warranty and many others.


Transcend 32-GB133x CF CompactFlash memory card Features

  • High-speed 133X performance
  • Dual channel flash interface
  • Read speeds up to 45-MB per second
  • Write speed up to 16-MB per second
  • Low power consumption
  • CF Type I
  • Hardware ECC (Error Correction Code)
  • Fully complies with the new CF 4.1 standard
  • ATA interface
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Supports IDE PIO mode 6 and Ultra DMA mode 4

The Transcend 32-GB 133x CF compactFlash memory card is available in India for Rs.10,500 along with a lifetime warranty. Transcend also offers high-speed CF cards in capacities of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB in India.

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