LG XDZ-1010 Desktop PC

LG XDZ-1010 desktop PC is powered by 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron Processor and comes with 17-inch CRT monitor, and 16X DVD writer.

lg-xdz-3010-desktop-pcPowered by 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron Pentium M 420 featuring 512-MB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB using Intel 945 GC chipset motherboard, the LG XDZ-1010 desktop PC offers 512-MB PC3200 DDR2 RAM (533 MHz), expandable to up to 2.0 GB maximum, a 80-GB Serial-ATA @ 7200 rpm hard disk drive, and a integrated 20X Supermulti Double Layer DVD Writer Drive.

The LG XDZ-1010 desktop PC comes with 17-inch (43.1 cm) Color CRT display powered by Intel GMS 950 Graphics chipset with upto 64-MB dedicated VRAM.

The LG XDZ-1010 offers 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN connection and 56K ITU V.92 data/fax modem card. The desktop also offers 6 USB v2.0 ports – 2 in front and 4 in the rear part of the CPU cabnet. The desktop also sports Ultra Premium Sleek Silver Black Cabinet with 220W SMPS.

With open DOS preinstalled, LG XDZ-1010 desktop PC’s also offers 2 Conventional PCI (32-bit) free slots, 1 PCI-Express (X16) free slot, Realtek 6.1 Channel Audio Support with Creative Speakers having integrated Subwoofer and 104 + 10 keys PS2 Multimedia Keyboard & PS2 2 button optical mouse.

I/O ports & Interfaces

  • 6 USB v2.0 ports (2 in Front, 4 at Rear)
  • IEEE 1394 port
  • Ethernet (RJ-45) port
  • Modem (RJ-11) port
  • Headphone and microphone jacks
  • Line-in and line-out jacks
  • Parallel port
  • Serial port
  • 2 PCI (32-bit) c2.3 5.0V Slots
  • 1 PCI-Express X16 slot


LG XDZ-1010 Desktop PC Features

  • Intel Celeron M 420, 1.6 GHz
  • 512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB
  • Intel 945 GC Chipset Motherboard
  • 512-MB PC3200 DDR-II RAM, 667 MHz, expandable up to 2.0 GB
  • 80-GB Serial-ATA Hard Disk Drive, 7200 rpm
  • 20X DVD Supermulti Double Layer DVD Writer Optical Drive
  • 17-inch (43.1 cm) Color CRT Monitor
  • Intel GMS 950 Graphics chipset, 64 MB shared RAM
  • 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Wake-on-LAN-ready
  • 56K ITU V.92 data/fax modem Wake-on-Ring ready
  • 2 Conventional PCI (32-bit) expansion slots
  • 1 PCI-Express (X16) expansion slot
  • 104 + 10 Keys PS2 Multimedia Keyboard
  • PS2 2 Button Optical with Scroll Mouse
  • Ultra Premium Sleek Silver Black Cabinet, 220W SMPS
  • Realtek 6.1 Channel Audio Support
  • Creative Speakers + Subwoofer
  • 6 Hi-Speed USB v2.0 Ports
  • Open DOS Operating System

The new LG XDZ-1010 desktop PC with Intel Pentium processor and DVD burner/writer is available across India at the price of Rs. 14,999/- (plus local taxes) with three year warranty. Visit www.lgindia.com for more details on this and other LG products.

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