Sony Walkman NW S700 MP3 Player

Sony has launched its new portable digital MP3 player, the Sony Walkman S700, which offers reduced background noise using unique noise sony-walkman-s700cancellation function and features integrated five-band equalizer, FM Tuner and direct recording capability.

The new Sony Walkman S700 series comes with a noise-canceling function which literally cuts down background noise by reducing the ambient noise by 75% (about 12dB at 200 Hz) while not canceling all the ambient noise.

In addition, each headphone features a built-in microphone that detects ambient noise which is then cancelled out by the opposite sound waves it creates, reducing the ambient noise by 75% (about 12dB at 200Hz). Sony claims that the Walkman S700 series delivers the highest sound quality in Walkman history due to this unique integrated noise cancellation technology.

New Sony Walkman S700 portable digital media player comes in 4-GB/2-GB and 1-GB storage space (flash memory) and it features three line color OLED display, FM Tuner and direct recording from external audio source like portable CD player or MD player etc, without requiring computer. It also allows recording from Computer in traditional file transfer way. The OEL color display allows browsing the cover art from the album in colour.

The direct recording from external audio source is recorded in PCM or ATRAC3Plus audio format.

The Sony Walkman S700 series MP3 player is capable of playing most of the popular audio files including MP3, ATRAC, ATRAC Advanced Lossless, Linear PCM and AAC, WMA sans DRM and WAV files.

In addition to this, Sony Walkman S700 also offers enhanced stereo technology which substantially enhances the audio quality without allowing sound leak from the left-hand channel into the right hand one and vice versa. With Clear Bass technology, this MP3 player lets you enjoy clear and firm bass.


Sony Walkman NW-S700 MP3 Player

The Sony Walkman S700 seriese player also features a quick 3-minute charge for 3-hours of playback or a 2-hour full-charge for up to 50-hours playback.

Sony Walkman S700 portable MP3 player is available in India with choice of 3 colours: violet, black and pink, for Rs. 11,900 for 1-GB storage, Rs. 13,900 for 2-GB storage and Rs. 17,900 for 4-GB flash memory storage. Visit for more details.

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