LG XDT-N14CRP1 Desktop PC

LG has recently launched in India its new LG XDT-N14CRP1 entry-level Desktop PC which is powered by 2.66 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Dual Processor and offers 17-in standard CRT monitor.

lg-xdu-g1cctp1-desktop-pcSporting original Intel 865 motherboard, the new LG XDT-N14CRP1 Desktop PC offers 2.66 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Dual Processor and features 256-MB DDR2 RAM (400 MHz), 80-GB Serial-ATA hard disk drive (5600 rpm), industry standard DVD/CD-RW combo optical drive with 24X CD writer and sports on-board Audio and Video graphic hardware.

The LG XDT-N14CRP1 Desktop PC comes with LG’s 17-inch (43 cm) flatron CRT monitor with on-board graphic card with shared video memory (upto 64 MB) and sports LG’s multimedia keyboard and standard optical mouse.

The LG XDT-N14CRP1 Desktop computer has recently won CNBC Awaaz Award and Reader Digest Award for product excellence and some of its unique features includes Extra Cooling Fan and capable to handle upto 45 degree C temerature and 90% Humidity making it ideal for Indian conditions.

In addition the new LG XDT-N14CRP1 desktop also offers X-Protect Security system and is ICTS certified.

LG XDT-N14CRP1 Desktop PC

LG XDT-N14CRP1 Desktop PC Features

  • Intel Pentium 4 Dual Processor, 2.66 GHz Speed
  • Intel Original 865 Motherboard
  • 256-MB DDR2, 400 MHz, RAM
  • 80-GB Serial-ATA Hard Disk Drive
  • Integrated Graphics card
  • DVD/CD-RW Combo Optical Drive, 24x CD Writer
  • Multimedia Keyboard
  • Optical Mouse
  • 17-inch (43-cm) CRT Flatron Monitor
  • Graphics Card-Integrated Built In
  • 5 USB v2.0 ports
  • Cabinet-Ultra Premium sleek silver Black Slim Cabinet
  • Integrated Audio
  • Free DOS OS

The new LG XDT-N14CRP1 Desktop PC is available in India for Rs. 22,990 (plus taxes & duties) with 1.5 years limited warranty. Visit www.lgindia.com for more details.

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