Sahara Unveils NB55131-CK76 Notebook PC

sahara-notebook-pcSahara Computers & Electronics Ltd. (SCEL) has launched a new rugged NB55131-CK76 notebook PC in India, which can withstand rude shocks and is supposedly water proof.

The new Sahara NB55131-CK76 notebook PC is powered by 1.7 GHz Intel Pentium Mobile Processor 740 with 2MB L2 Cache and 533 MHz FSB.

The new Sahara NB55131-CK76 is claimed to be a very rugged machine which can withstand a fall of about one meter and is waterproof across its body.

George Van Der Merwe, COO, Sahara Computers & Electronics Ltd, at the launch address explained, “Sahara Computers understands the emerging new set of customers in India and we are committed to catering them in a way which not only helps them get products with world-class technology but also spurs the growth of new layers of users. With the introduction of our new range of products we are sure to meet the expectations of our customers and contribute to the growth of mobile computing in the country in a significant way.”

The new Sahara NB55131-CK76 notebook PC is available across India for an estimated price of Rs. 49,999 (plus taxes) with one year onsite warranty. Visit for more details.

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