Genius Navigator 535 Gaming Mouse

Genius, today, announced the launch of its much awaited innovation and highly genius-navigator-535-gaming-mouseacclaimed gaming mouse for Professionals, the Genius Navigator 535 in India that has a memory button which can store up to five gaming profiles.

Genius claims that Navigator 535 which is the latest member of the growing family of Genius gaming devices is the most advanced gaming mouse for gaming professionals which even managed to win the Taiwan Excellence Award for the year 2006 with the distinction of being one of the few mice to be selected for the Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards 2006 for innovation.

Genius Navigator 535 offers four programmable hot keys which provides much more fun and convenience. Another revolutionary function of Genius Navigator 535 is its memory button, which can store up to five gaming profiles.

Using Agama software, the Genius Navigaor 535 gaming mouse allows setting up mouse just once and does not require using the driver again enabling using Genius Navigator 535 on any computer without having to worry about one’s custom game profiles. The green LED lights of G1 to G5 will blink one by one while pushing the memory button and one can also choose the profile of its own choice.

Genius Navigator 535 gaming mouse provides an incredible 100x more sensitivity to surface detail – or tracking power – than an optical device, and the laser engine provides an astounding 6.4 mega pixels per second (30-pixel by 30-pixel by 7080 frame rate equals 6.4 mega pixels/sec).

Mr. Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, KYE Systems (India) Corp. says, “Genius Navigator 535 is the most celebrated mouse in its category and is powered to give the best results to the power users. It’s a must for all the Professional Gaming enthusiasts, in case they are looking for an out-of-world experience”.

While playing games, Genius Navigator 535 also allows switching the resolution to 2000, 1600 or 800 dpi with the three hot keys (no driver required). Just press one button on Genius Navigator 535, and one can get to the highest speed (7080 frame rate and 1000 report rate) with the smoothest motion in your virtual world, whether is it shooting, fighting, flying or racing.


Genius Navigator 535 comes with an extremely streamline shape and eye-catching Agama design. Its ultra attractive and ergonomic shape provides high level of comfort to both hand and wrist. Genius Navigator 535 is the most advanced and high-level mouse for gaming and long-term usage.

With Agama software the Genius Navigator 535 gaming mouse allows setting up the mouse just once and does not require using the driver again. Then, these game profiles are carried by the mouse to any computer it is attached to.

Genius Navigator 535 gaming mouse features

  • Laser gaming mouse has unique memory function
  • Fast keys to switch DPI – 2000, 1600 and 800 dpi
  • Creative and smart key can remember five different gaming profiles
  • Four programmable hot keys bring you much more fun and convenience in gaming
  • Streamline shape and eye-catching design
  • USB v2.0 Interface support
  • Compatible to Windows 2003/XP/2000
  • 7 buttons
  • Resolution (dpi) 2000 dpi laser engine (2000/1600/800 dpi switch)
  • Frame rate – 7080 per second
  • Report rate – 1000 Hz
  • Special function Memory button to store up to 5 game profiles

The new Genius Navigator 535 gaming mouse is available across India via Transtek Infoways Pvt. Ltd., and Tirupati Enterprises, the authorised distributors for Genius in India, for a price of Rs. 2,400/- (plus taxes) with warranty. Visit for more details.

{Partly contributed by: Sanjeev Kant,}

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