Mitashi Unveils MP 1G MP3 Player

Mitashi has recently launched its MP-1G ultracompact MP3 player which also features an integrated FM radio with recording facility and works like standard USB mass storage device.

mitashi-mp-1g-mp3-playerEquipped with 1-GB of storage space, the Mitashi MP-1G MP3 player supports WMA, MP3 (32kbps – 320 Kbps Range) and WAV audio formats and allows voice recording along with recroding directly from built-in FM radio reception.

The player comes with USB v2.0 support for fast data transfer and gets detected automatically without any need from special drivers when plugged in to USB port of a PC running Windows XP.

The Mitashi MP-1G supports upto 99 folders with 99 files in each folder. The player just reads the files as arranged through the various folder levels. The Mitashi MP-1G player also features a text reader which supports .TXT text files with a single line display.

The Mitashi MP-1G MP3 player is equipped with mono display which has rainbow-color lighting that lights up with a different color whenever any button is pressed. There is a Play/Pause button, which also doubles as a Stop button when kept pressed.

Other buttons provide includes one for menu and one each for previous-track, and next-track function. Volume control is provided below the player along with a hold-slider. There is a standard size USB port which is neatly covered with a cap, while the other side of the player has the stereo port and a MIC point.

The MP3 player also allows standard set of equalizer presets viz. Normal, ROCK, JAZZ, POP, CLASSIC which can be selected any time a audio file is being played.

The Mitashi MP-1G MP3 player also features an built-in FM tuner that can store up to 25 channels for one touch access. Besides one can even record off the radio channels directly and store the recording into MP3 compressed format in the player’s memory.

The stored voice and radio recordings can be converted into desired audio format using a software boundled with the player.

The player can also be used as standard USB mass storage drive to store all sorts of data files directly from PC.

The player runs on a single AAA battery which can provide upto 5 hours of listning time in standalone mode. While connected to PC, the player can be operated directly on power provided by USB port.

Mitashi MP-1G MP3 Player Features

  • 1-GB storage space
  • Supports WMA, MP3, WAV audio file formats
  • MP3 ( 32kbps – 320 Kbps Range )
  • USB v2.0 support
  • 2 Channel Left, Right Sound Audio Ouputs
  • Integrated FM Radio with preset memory
  • Live FM Recorder
  • Voice Recorder & Player
  • EQ Preset Modes
  • Notepad (TXT File Reader)
  • USB Mass Storage Device
  • Multi-color backlights
  • Uses 1 AAA Size Battery

The Mitashi MP-1G MP3 player is available in India for the price of Rs. 4,390/- with onw year warranty. Visit for more details.

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