D-Link Launches DPH-10U USB VoIP Phone

D-Link has announced in India the launch of D-Link DPH-10U, its VoIP phone system that plugs directly into USB port of any windows compatible desktop PC or notebook PC for making telephone calls over Internet using Skype and most of prevailing VoIP services.

dlink-dph-10u-voip-phoneThe new D-Link DPH-10U VoIP phone has been designed for use with any Microsoft Windows XP/2000 based desktop or notebook PCs running the internet telephoney software Skype to make unlimited phone calls from their computers to another computer for free or to any analog landline or mobile number at a nominal extra charges.

The D-Link DPH-10U USB VoIP phone handset can still be used with any other application software (under Windows XP/2000) to make PC-to-PC Internet calls even if one is not subscribed to Skype service.

The D-Link DPH-10U VoIP USB phone handset is equipped with a regular dialing keypad and features few special function keys, a built-in speaker and integrated microphone like a regular telephone handset.

The D-Link DPH-10U comes with integrated ringer and has 4 selectable ringtones for any customization. Long-distance calls to any landline phone in the world can also be made at great savings.

Besides Skype, the D-Link DPH-10U USB VoIP phone is also fully compatible with Microsoft�s NetMeeting, MSN Messenger Service, Yahoo! Messenger, and other popular VoIP services for Windows XP/2000 environment.

With Skype, one can make PC to PC and PC to phone calls using this VoIP phone set. And even if a person is not a subscriber of Skype, he can still use the DPH-10U with other application software to make PC-to-PC Internet calls.

Other features of D-Link DPH-10U USB VoIP phone includes integrated speaker and microphone, no need for external power adapter as it draws power from USB port itself, hardware audio controller for effective echo cancellation and noise reduction, full duplex support and facility to record the conversation directly on host PC’s hard drive by simply press of a button on the handset.

D-Link DPH-10U VoIP Phone Features

  • PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone Internet Phone Calls
  • Fully compatible with Skype
  • Microsoft Windows XP/2000 Compatible
  • USB v2.0 support
  • Full Telephone Keypad
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
  • No External Power Adapter Required
  • Hardware Audio Controller for Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction
  • Full Duplex Support, Can Talk & Listen at Same Time
  • Facility to record conversation on PC’s hard disk
  • Full Duplex Support

The D-Link DPH-10U USB VoIP phone is available across India for an estimated price of Rs 1,175/- (plus taxes) with a one-year carry-in warranty. Visit www.d-link.com for more details.

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