Philips Launch VOIP841 Skype Enabled Cordless Phone

philips-voip841Skype today announced a new cordless phones, the Philips VoIP841, that allows cheap calls using prevailing broadband connection, without requiring a computer and special software.

The Philips VoIP841 belongs to a new class of phone that enables Skype users to make and receive both Skype calls over the Internet and traditional landline calls, without a computer, and offers the added convenience of a cordless phone. Another such similar product in this class is the NETGEAR’s cordless phone for Skype.

Company claims that their new Skype enabled cordless phones like Philips VOIP841 offer increased mobility throughout the home or office, giving consumers the freedom and flexibility of not being tethered to their computer. Also, consumers with multiple cordless phone handsets in their home have the ability to hold separate conversations simultaneously – one on Skype, the second on the traditional line – each from a different handset.

“We are broadening our reach to mass consumers by offering them the opportunity to communicate via Skype without having to be tied to the computer,” said Stefan Oberg, general manager, desktop and hardware at Skype. “Skype has already introduced Wi-Fi phones and Skype for PocketPC wireless. Now Skype is taking the next step and working together with Philips and NETGEAR, to introduce PC-free cordless phones. The cordless phones for Skype launched today, give Skype users the flexibility to enjoy free Skype to Skype calls and inexpensive calls to ordinary and mobile phones anywhere in the house, at any time without a running computer.”

Both the Philips VOIP841 and NETGEAR cordless phones have Skype software preinstalled and already configured on them out of the box, and they can act as a replacement for an ordinary cordless phone, because they can make and receive traditional telephone calls through the landline line connection.

All existing Skype users are allowed to conveniently downloading their contacts already saved on their online account to the cordless phone besides being able to search for Skype contacts directly on the cordless phones, and add them to an integrated contact list for both Skype contacts and traditional phone numbers.

In addition, the premium Skype features, which includes SkypeOut for inexpensive international calls to traditional landlines and mobile phones, SkypeIn to receive calls from landline or mobile phones on Skype, and Skype Voicemail will all be easily accessible through the phone.

The cordless phones for Skype are accompanied by a remote DECT base station that plugs into both the broadband connection and the traditional phone line. The system is capable of handling both Skype and direct non-Skype calls in the same device making life easier for users.


Philips VOIP841 Skype Enabled Cordless Phone

Both the Philips VOIP841 and NETGEAR cordless phones boast a full color graphic display (no idea about the color depth and screen resolution as yet), simplified calling features with an integrated contact list, and an enhanced handsfree speakerphone.

The Skype Certified Philips VoIP841 cordless phone will be available for the 2006 holiday season.

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