Genius G-Shot DV815z Digital Video Camera

Genius has announced today in India the launch of Genius G-Shot DV815z, a multi-fucntional 5-in-1 digital video camera.

genius-gshot-dv815zThe Genius G-Shot DV815z is a multi-fucntional device that works as digital video camera, digital still camera, digital voice recorder, music player and mass storage device (USB pen drive) and it features a 3x optical zoom function and supports DPOF (Digital Print Order Format), for printing pictures.

The new Genius G-Shot DV815z digital video camera is equipped with 4.0 mega pixel super CCD image sensors, and can shoot pictures up to 8.0 mega pixels, besides delivering vivid and lively images.

Genius G-Shot DV815z’s built-in flash sensor is capable of adjusting the shooting settings automatically by detecting the lighting conditions. The 230k pixel high-resolution, 2.5-inch color image LTPS-LCD monitor acts as a viewfinder for both still-image and video recording.

Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, KYE Systems (India) Corp. at the launch of the product said: “Genius G-Shot DV815z is a feature rich, multi-functional digital video camera with the best 5-in-1 solution that gives you exceptional value for money and a great experience.

Software boundled

Genius G-Shot DV815z comes pre-loaded with two useful software viz. Mr. Photo and VideoWorks Presto! which offer the flexibility and creativity. Mr. Photo is an ideal program for creating, sharing, and managing digital images or videos. The straightforward, powerful photo enhancement functions make pictures come alive.

It offers unique feature to adjust the photo quality and convert the file format for other applications. Mr. Photo also provides fun photo templates, motion shows, slideshows, e-mail, html, and links to other applications. It also makes personalized creations easy.

While, VideoWorks Presto, another software boundled with the digital video camera enables powerful video editing features will turn the user’s computer to a multimedia production unit.

The new Genius G-Shot DV815z digital video camera retails across India for Rs. 15,000/- (plus taxes) with warranty and is distributed by Transtek Infoways and Tirupati Enterprises, the authorized distributors for Genius in India. Visit for more details.

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