AMD Launch Next Generation Opteron Processor

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has today introduced a next generation AMD Opteron processor featuring the industry-leading performance-per-watt and outstanding virtualization capabilities.

amd-opteron-cpuTo be available in India in the first week of September 2006, the new version of Opteron processors which is now known as Rev F, is one of the only x86 server processors that will upgrade to native quad-core within the same thermal design power envelope enabling customers to increase computing capacity in typical server farm environment without having to alter datacenter infrastructure.

In addition, the new dual-core Opteron processor chip, would comes with improved virtualization capabilities and upgraded integrated memory.

Randy Allen, corporate vice president, Server and Workstation Division, AMD at the launch said: “Customers trust AMD for critical server applications, as evidenced by our record Q2 2006 AMD Opteron processor sales, and in 2006, AMD expects to double the number of AMD Opteron processor-based systems offered from global and regional tier-one OEMs.”

The company has also hinted the completion of the design of its new Quad-Core AMD Opteron 64 processors that incorporate four processor cores on a single die of silicon that AMD plans to deliver in mid-2007.

Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors are expected to be electrical, thermal and socket compatible with the already introduced Next-Generation AMD Opteron Rev F processors enabling customers to benefit from an architecture that scales to meet changing needs and escalating demands.

AMD also explained that the consistency and stability offered by Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors will enhance potential benefits to OEMs, system-builders and semiconductor companies.

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