Gigabyte Launches Four 945 S-Series Motherboards

Gigabyte Technology India has unveiled five new “S” series of motherboards, GA-945P-S3, GA-945PL-S3, GA-945G-S3 and GA-945GM-S2 for new Intel Core 2 Duo range of processors with innovative features.

gigabyte-s-series-motherboardAll of these new “S” series motherboards enpowers the regular PC users the ability to enjoy more digital home entertainment, enhanced productive computing and more of the latest games.

All four new Gigabyte 945 S-series motherboards feature a number of innovative technologies such as enhanced speed, smart and safe computing for desktop environment that provide maximum system performance and enhanced stability.

More Speed
Gigabyte Speed provides intelligent over-clocking with a wide range of frequency tuning for CPU/MEMORY/PCI-E bus speed and over-voltage with flexible voltage setting for CPU/ Memory/PCI-E/Chipset.

All four new Gigabyte 945 S-series motherbards features a complete range of performance tuning tools, such as C.I.A.2, R.G.B, and the EasyTune 5 over-clocking software from Gigbyte.

More Smart
Gigabyte Smart features make hardware driver management much easier and user-friendly with proprietary software including Xpress Install, Download Center, @BIOS, Q-Flash, Boot menu, and Smart Fan.

More Safe
All four Gigabyte 945 S-series motherboards are equipped with; excellent hardware design, reinforced BIOS protection through Gigabyte Virtual Dual BIOS Technology and BIOS Setting Recovery Technology.

Gigabyte’s unique system software such as Xpress Recovery 2, PC Health Monitor, HDD S.M.A.R.T., and C.O.M. further cements the stability and reliability of desktop PCs build using these new “S” series motherboards technology.

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