Sony Launches DVDdirect VRD-MC1 DVD Recorder

Sony has launched a new DVD recorder, VRD-MC1, in India which can transfer home video footage in real-time from a camcorder to a DVD media without requiring a PC.

sony-vrd-mc1-dvd-recorderThe new DVD recorder also allows recording of digital still images directly from memory cards to DVD media as a slideshow for playback on most home DVD players and PC DVD-ROM drives, without requiring a PC.

Sony VRD-MC1 DVD recorder also enables direct connection to PictBridge-compatible photo printers for direct printing individual digital pictures from a memory card or from a DVD disc.

The new VRD-MC1 DVDirect model on one side incorporates digital and analogue video/audio inputs, allowing connection of a camcorder or VCR to transfer tape-based videos to DVD and on the other side, it has slots for five of the most popular digital camera memory cards, allowing to take pictures from your digital camera and create a slideshow on a DVD disc without a computer.

The VRD-MC1 features a two-inch color LCD screen for previewing video and images when used in stand-alone mode. It can burn up to 12 hours of high-quality hardware encoded MPEG-2 video on DVD+R DL Double Layer discs, or up to six hours of video or up to 2,000 photos onto supported standard single layer discs. These discs can then be played back and enjoyed on most home DVD players or computer DVD-ROM drives.

The new model can also be connected to a PC for more advanced DVD video projects, including making copies of home videos and photo DVDs to share with family and friends.

“We had a good success with the earlier model VRD-VC20. The new model, Sony DVDirect MC1, comes with additional features which enable users to connect maximum number of devices to DVDirect MC1,” Hemvardhan Shah, product manager, Rashi Peripherals, who would distribute the product in India explained.

sony-vrd-mc1-dvd-recorder-1The new VRD-MC1 DVD recorder can record digital still images directly from a Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo storage media, CompactFlash, Secure Digital (SD), and xD cards to a DVD, creating a slideshow that can be played back on a DVD player, or simply used as a backup DVD of the images for storage or printing.

When recording digital images, the DVDirect recorder keeps the JPEG files in their original high resolution format, and is capable of printing them directly from a photo DVD to a PictBridge-enabled printer.

The VRD-MC1 comes with the Nero software suite to use when it is attached to a PC via hi-speed USB (USB 2.0, 12 mbps speed). The package includes software for making copies of home movies and slideshows, as well as authoring DVD discs with customized menus and other advanced features. The bundle also includes DVD-video playing software, backup software, virtual disc drive software, disc label creation, and drive tool software and some more.

In computer-attached mode, the new Sony VRD-MC1 model can burn DVD+R and DVD-R discs at 16X, which equates to about six minutes of recording time. It also supports 8X DVD+R DL, 4X DVD-R DL, 8X DVD+RW, 6X DVD-RW, 48X CD-R and 24X CD-RW recording speeds.

The Sony DVDdirect VRD-MC1 DVD recorder is available at price of Rs 14,750/- (without local taxes) and the product comes with a one-year warranty.

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